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New children's books for February 2024

by Sophie Green

Looking for new books for your little ones? Take a look at our brand new children's fiction and non-fiction books for February 2024.

Find more recommendations for children.

You're Fabulous as You Are, by Sophie Beer

You can sparkle in a tutu, love any colour, and wear your hair long or short - because you're fabulous as you are! This joyful and uplifting book celebrates gender expression and teaches children that it is okay to dress however they want.

Borrow You're Fabulous as You Are

There's a Tiger on the Train, by Mariesa Dulak and Rebecca Cobb

Off to the seaside they go on a rather EXTRAORDINARY train journey. But will Dad ever look up from his phone? A boy and his dad board the train. Dad is stuck into his phone and misses the fact that a tiger boards the train too. and so does a family of hippos, and a band of crocs, and a mum with her piglets, and a pug in a boa - or two. On the way to the seaside pandemonium ensues, and then the tiger roars. Has he finally had enough? And what will dad say? Will he even notice?

Borrow There's a Tiger on the Train

The Crayons Love Our Planet, by Drea Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers

The Crayons love our planet and are proud of their contributions. White ice caps, Green trees, Blue oceans and skies, Brown soil ... and more! Even Beige is proud of his contribution: Wheat! This funny book shows the beauty of our planet - and why it needs our help.

Borrow The Crayons Love Our Planet

Stitch Head: The Graphic Novel, by Guy Bass and Pete Williamson

Enter the darkly funny world of Stitch Head, as he steps out of the shadows into the adventure of an almost-lifetime. Deep in the maze-like dungeons of Castle Grotteskew, eccentric Professor Erasmus created Stitch Head, a small, almost-human creature. His experiments continued, filling the castle with creations so fabulously monstrous that Stitch Head was long forgotten. Until a travelling circus ringmaster knocks at the castle door, promising to make Stitch Head a star. Is this Stitch Head's chance to venture beyond the castle walls? Or could he be making a terrible mistake?

Borrow Stitch Head

Eowulf: Of Monsters and Middle School, by Mike Cavallaro

An action-packed, hilarious, full colour, comic adventure full of heart, featuring an unforgettable and iconic new heroine! Eowulf Wegmund just had the most amazing summer ever. She travelled to a magical supply shop, rescued unicorn soldiers from a pocket dimension and fought an evil god. Pretty cool stuff, even if you are descended from the legendary monster hunter Beowulf! Now Eowulf finds herself back home, where the only monsters are the ones in her Dungeons & Dragons game, and the weirdest creature around is her classmate Amadeus Hornburg - and he's just an angry little kid that nobody likes. But when a mysterious supervillain returns to wreak havoc on their quiet town, Eowulf and Amadeus must join forces to unearth a dark past that wants to stay buried.

Borrow Eowulf

Things That Go Bump, by Kathryn Foxfield

When Quinn and some of her year 6 friends find themselves locked overnight inside Flatpack - a new IKEA-style superstore - they quickly realise that they are not alone. A number of things hitched a ride from the forest where Flatpack sources its wood and in every dark nook, they've been multiplying. After several of the group get themselves dragged off to who knows where, Quinn knows she was right all along - monsters are definitely real. After that, she's forced to face her fears and come up with a plan: rescue her friends, avoid being apprehended by overly efficient store employees, hack into the store's delivery system and send the monsters back where they came from. Oh, and don't get eaten. Whatever you do, don't look under the beds. And if you hear a wardrobe creaking open behind you, RUN!

Borrow Things That Go Bump

The Forgotten Magic, by L.D. Lapinski

In Edward Crane's world, magic has been dwindling for the past four hundred years. So even though he's part of a powerful magical family, Ed is worried that he won't have any magic in him at all. He's adopted, for one thing. He also has a perfect twin sister, Elodie, who seems to always get the better end of the deal and will no doubt be the one to get a powerful power like their dads. So when Ed discovers he does have an artezan power after all, he's relieved. In fact, he's the laird of dreams. It's more than he could have ever imagined. But the problem with dreams is that sometimes they turn into nightmares. And with Ed's ability growing by the day, there's a chance that this nightmare will become all too real.

Borrow The Forgotten Magic

The Clockwork Conspiracy, by Sam Sedgman

Aspiring inventor Isaac Turner lives with his dad, the Chief Horologist in charge of Big Ben. But when his father vanishes from the belfry on the night the clocks go back, leaving behind only a smashed pocket watch and a cryptic message, Isaac determines to find him. Hunting a trail of clues through London's landmarks, Isaac uncovers a sinister plot in the gears of government and embarks on a race against time to save his father - and time itself.

Borrow The Clockwork Conspiracy

The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts, by Alex Bell

Twelve-year-old Eli is an apprentice librarian at the largest library in the world. But when his grandmother falls ill, he enters the Glorious Race of Magical Beasts to raise money for her treatment. This annual race is always held in the most perilous places and is full of spiky dangers. Most participants seek out unicorns and dragons to help them on their conquest. But not Eli. He embarks on this journey with his trusted pet and friend, Humphrey, his moon tortoise. Moon tortoises aren't suited to racing and Eli is no natural adventurer. But he soon finds himself in an unlikely partnership with Raven, a rule-breaker and skilled archer, and her ice hare - one of the fastest animals in the world. If the two children put aside their differences and work together, they might just reach the finish line!

Borrow The Glorious Race of Magical Beasts

The Whispering Walls, by Phil Hickes

A new spooky mystery from the author of The Haunting of Aveline Jones.

When Lilian Jones starts at creepy, cold and bewilderingly large Shadowhall Academy, she's nervous about making friends and finding her way around, but those turn out to be the least of her worries when strange things start happening at school. Tapping in the walls, unsettling tales of missing students, and rumours that the school is haunted. When mysterious figures start appearing at night, looking exactly like the girls themselves, Lilian suspects there may be more to the bizarre happenings than just stories, and her school is hiding real secrets. Realising her new friends could be in danger, Lilian sets out to solve the mysteries of Shadowhall Academy once and for all.

Borrow The Whispering Walls

A Gallery of Rogues, by Beth Lincoln and Clare Powell

Having solved the mystery of Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude's non-murder and uncovered the location of Grand Uncle Vile's long-lost treasure, Shenanigan Swift might just be in the running for junior detective of the year. But when robbers target Swift House, her sleuthing skills are tested like never before. The trail leads Shenanigan and her sisters to Paris and the Hotel Martinet, home of the estranged French branch of the Swift family. From there, the girls must track down Ouvolpo, a gang of daring thieves who design each of their crimes as audacious pieces of art. What links Ouvolpo and the Swifts? Where will they strike next? And why has Uncle Maelstrom taken to wearing an earring again?

Borrow A Gallery of Rogues

The Story of Things, by Neal Layton

Have you ever wondered how us humans came to have so many 'things'? Starting with the early humans who had very few things, through to the jam-packed world we live in today, discover how from the very beginning we humans have had the urge to invent and create! From the creation of Stone Age tools and the first handwritten book through to amazing inventions including the steam engine and the laptop computer, find out how things have transformed our world.

Borrow The Story of Things

Lost: Uncover Vanishing Wonders, by Jess McGeachin

What does it mean to be lost? Is it stranded at sea without a map, or carefully camouflaged in the wild? Travel back in time to hear herds of honking dinosaurs, find sunken shipwreck treasure and uncover ancient cities in the sand. The things we've lost could even hold the key to protecting our future, so there's not a moment to lose.

Borrow Lost

The Bee Connection, by Ben Newman

Mason B. C handler is a detective and solitary bee on a mission, and she needs your help to solve a mystery in Bug Borough. As Mason follows clues through Bug Borough, you'll discover everything there is to know about bees! Learn all about the different types of bees, their homes, how they communicate and what you can do to help look after them.

Borrow The Bee Connection

Habitats, by Hannah Pang and Isobel Lundie

Nature is like a magical journey that transforms with every step. Peel back the pages of this gloriously illustrated book to discover a world of ever-changing animal habitats. Interactive split pages create an immersive experience: readers are taken on a visual journey through each unique home, as they meet the incredible animals that live there.

Borrow Habitats

Don't Panic! We Can Save the Plant, by James Campbell and Rob Jones

Tired of freaking out about climate change? Want to stop being an eco-worrier and start being an eco-warrior? And do you absolutely, positively love laughing? Then this hands-on and hilarious guide to saving the world is for you! Written by award-winning author James Campbell - who lives off-grid and owns a compost loo - find out how cow-farts are wrecking the world, what a fossil fuel even is and why 'earthships' (and not spaceships) are the future!

Borrow Don't Panic!