Know Another

Find peer support, advice and guidance with our Know Another drink awareness campaign to help you understand your alcohol intake

Know when to say no to another

Know Another is a drink-awareness campaign to help you understand your alcohol intake and get advice and resources to help cut down if you think you're drinking too much too regularly.

Our libraries offer regular drop-in groups for you to chat with trained staff and find resources. You can take an online survey about alcohol consumption to see if you're a low risk, medium risk, or high risk drinker. We also hold free mocktail events every few months to socialise with others and try new non-alcoholic drinks.

Take the alcohol test from Drink Coach →

How much is a unit?

The maximum adults should drink per week before it starts affecting our vital organs is 14 units.

  • One 250ml glass of 12% wine is 3 units
  • One pint of regular beer, larger or cider is 2 units
  • One single measurement of spirits is 1 unit
  • One 75cl bottle of 12% wine is 9 units.

Find out how many units are in your favourite drink.

Know Another is funded by Suffolk County Council and run in partnership with Drink Coach and Turning Point.

Know Another is not an intervention service and we cannot offer medical advice. This campaign can only offer information on how to understand and reduce your alcohol intake. If you require medical advice, please speak to your GP. If you are experiencing severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, the NHS recommends you call 999.

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Facts about alcohol

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