Our Fundraising Champions

Find out about the people who help us fundraise.

Bruce and Mandy raised £1,114 for Suffolk Libraries by taking part in the Orwell Challenge

“Mandy and I would like to thank everyone who supported us and of course our charity, Suffolk Libraries. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and are delighted that we’ve generate over a thousand pounds that will make a real difference to people’s lives across Suffolk. 25 miles is a long way and we kept each other going during the lulls in energy. But despite tiring at the end we were driven on by our passion for making lives better every day in thousands of different ways!”

Belle raised £250 for Suffolk Libraries by taking part in the Orwell Challenge

“The knowledge that our fundraising was so vital to Suffolk Libraries kept us going. It's always been more than just borrowing books; as a Young Trustee, I've seen firsthand just how important the wellbeing, environmental and community services are for Suffolk and wanted to help even more. It feels great to know we're supporting people who need it most.”

Lesley Dolphin raised £403 for Suffolk Libraries by taking part in the Orwell Challenge

“I’m really chuffed to have completed the Orwell Challenge considering the hot weather! There are over 40 libraries across Suffolk that provide books, the use of computers, group events and a friendly face. I am so pleased to help ensure they continue to provide their essential services that are available to everyone.”

Simon raised £809.23 for Suffolk Libraries by taking on the Skyline London to Brighton cycle challenge

"I love the fact that our libraries sit in the heart of their communities and serve them so well. I love seeing the next generation of children coming through the library and would love that to be extended out to as many people as possible. Therefore, I happily volunteered to raise some much-needed funds for this much-needed service."

Jacob raised £351.39 for Suffolk Libraries by taking on the Skyline London to Brighton cycle challenge

"I was absolutely thrilled to get a place on the London to Brighton Ride representing such a remarkable charity. The fantastic work that Suffolk Libraries continues to do for the people of my beloved home county is truly astonishing, and I'm so happy to have raised so much in support of their efforts. I loved every minute of the ride; from the misty 6am start at Clapham Common, to the blistering September sun at the Brighton finish line!"

Corrin raised £794.30 for Suffolk Libraries by embarking on a 300-mile cycle ride for Mental Health Awareness Week

"We wanted to take on a fundraising challenge to help keep the Men's Group going and to help Suffolk Libraries to run activities like this which make a difference. I didn’t realise how much libraries do for the community and how important fundraising is. I know from experience now how important they are."

Ellie raised £249.50 for Suffolk Libraries by taking part in five Suffolk Wildlife walks on five consecutive days

"This was such a great experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure of heading off somewhere unknown with my wellies and a flask with Milo. Knowing I was being supported with donations spurred me on when the way got a bit treacherous through the forests of brambles or the rivers of mud."

"I would definitely do this again, and encourage others to take up the challenge for Suffolk Libraries."

Richard raised £437.50 for Suffolk Libraries by cycling nearly 100km around the village of Thurston

"I couldn’t be happier to have dusted off my bike for Suffolk Libraries. In the process, I came across a few hidden pockets of the area around Thurston I’ve lived in for 36 years, nudged myself towards a slightly fitter version of myself, and raised some funds for a cause that’s close to my heart. The pleasure was all mine."

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