Audiobooks on BorrowBox

Click and collect an audiobook, or download and stream an eAudiobook or music to your device.

With our BorrowBox service, you get free access to thousands of the latest audiobook titles, including our featured 'unlimited' audiobooks.

Looking to borrow free audiobook titles in your web browser? Visit the BorrowBox website.  

How it works

Your library card gives you free access to the BorrowBox app, which allows you to download free audiobooks to your phone or tablet.

You can also listen to the same titles in your browser (such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox) from the BorrowBox website.

Get started

BorrowBox is available on iOS, Android phones and tablets and PCs. All you need is your library card number.

Apply for a library card now — we can get a number to you within a couple of working days.

You can start using BorrowBox by:

The quickest way is to install the app. Search for “BorrowBox” in the iOS or Google Play app stores and follow the instructions.

Step by step instructions

We have these step by step instructions. If you get stuck, don’t worry. Our customer service team can help:

Setting up on a tablet or smartphone
Setting up on an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet
Setting up on a computer
Borrowing audio books on a tablet or smartphone
Borrowing audiobooks on a computer
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