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New children's books for April

by Sophie Green

Looking for new books for your little ones? Take a look at our brand new children's fiction and non-fiction books for April 2024.

Find more recommendations for children.

When the Storm Came, by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros

The frog family love their home on the riverbank, but they know to always stay away from the old tree stump - because a Big Scary Thing lives in there. When a huge storm comes and his friends and family are swept away, Little Frog is blown right into the terrifying stump - but what he finds inside changes his community forever. A story of kindness, community, and coming together in a time of crisis, 'When the Storm Came' shows how a little bit of kindness can make all the difference.

Borrow When the Storm Came

The Last Zookeeper, by Aaron Becker

The Earth has flooded. The only signs of humankind are the waterlogged structures they left behind. Peeking out from the deluge are the remnants of a zoo, home to rare and endangered animals, survivors of long neglect. In 'The Last Zookeeper', a master of the wordless form imagines a futuristic Noah's Ark in a luminous sci-fi parable for our changing world.

Borrow The Last Zookeeper

Where is the Cat?, by Eva Eland

This fun and familiar tale of cat chase invites you to spot Cat in every scene as he hides from Suzy, from award-winning author and illustrator, Eva Eland.

Borrow Where is the Cat?

The Hoys, by Kes Gray and Mark A. Chambers

Ahoy there! But what is a hoy, and why can Pirate Jake never see one?! No matter how hard he looks, Jake cannot see the mysterious hoys he keeps hearing so much about. How can he ever be a proper pirate if he can't see a hoy? With his parrot on his shoulder, he walks gloomily across the sand dunes. Until something quite unusual catches his eye.

Borrow The Hoys

The Cat at Night, by Ipcar Dahlov

This captivating story alternates between dark night scenes and vivid colour to deliver a beautifully illustrated children's classic about a farm cat's nocturnal adventures. Each scene is shown first as a human would see it at night in blacks and whites, and then as a cat sees it in vivid colour!

Borrow The Cat at Night

Cat Nap, by Steve Antony

'Cat Nap' marks the launch of a young, character-led picture book series from the award-winning creator of 'Please Mr Panda', Steve Antony. Playtime is over. Cat, it's time to nap. But what will it take to get Cat in the cot?

Borrow Cat Nap

Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens, by Sophy Henn

Meet the friendly and - not-so-friendly - residents of Happy Hills, a place where anything can happen and always does! When unicorn Ace stumbles across Happy Hills, he is surrounded by the residents who are keen to share their spooky stories. After getting involved in a town-wide game of 'it', Ace must use all of his cunning in order to avoid a new foe - the giant danger kittens!

Borrow Attack of the Giant Danger Kittens

Looshkin: Honk If You See It!, by Jamie Smart

You never know what to expect from Looshkin - except that it will be very, very funny! Follow the continuing adventures of the maddest cat in the world as he defeats vampires with chicken nuggets, accidentally turns into a duck, becomes a high-flying entrepreneur and gets caught in a time warp. Sometimes all at the same time! It's an explosion of pure comic comedy joy!

Borrow Honk If You See It!

A Gallery of Rogues, by Beth Lincoln and Claire Powell

Having solved the mystery of Arch-Aunt Schadenfreude's non-murder and uncovered the location of Grand Uncle Vile's long-lost treasure, Shenanigan Swift might just be in the running for junior detective of the year. But when robbers target Swift House, her sleuthing skills are tested like never before.

The trail leads Shenanigan and her sisters to Paris and the Hotel Martinet, home of the estranged French branch of the Swift family. From there, the girls must track down Ouvolpo, a gang of daring thieves who design each of their crimes as audacious pieces of art. What links Ouvolpo and the Swifts? Where will they strike next? And why has Uncle Maelstrom taken to wearing an earring again?

Borrow A Gallery of Rogues

Movies Showing Nowhere, by Yorick Goldewijk and Laura Watkinson

On the day Cate came into the world, her mother left it. Ever since, Cate's dad has become distant and silent, locked in his own little world. Cate has to keep herself entertained, with kung fu films, her pet rabbit and her photography hobby, until one day she receives an invitation to a mysterious, abandoned cinema, and everything changes.

At the cinema, Cate meets the strange Mrs Kano, who introduces her to a most unusual kind of movie theatre - the kind that lets you step into a memory. So begins a wonderfilled adventure through time that will teach Cate the meaning of love, the beauty of things passing and the need for bravery in letting go.

Borrow Movies Showing Nowhere

Keedie, by Elle McNicoll

Before there was Addie, there was Keedie. Five years before the events of 'A Kind of Spark', Keedie is figuring out how to be her bold, brave self in a town that wants her to be quiet. Her twin sister Nina seems to care more about being popular, and Keedie knows her little sister Addie is more similar to her than her family knows.

When she starts standing up to people's bullies for them, everyone wants her to pretend nothing is wrong with the way things are in Juniper. But firecracker Keedie wants things to change - and she wants things to be better for Addie. As she sets out to right wrongs and stand up for the truth, the sleepy town of Juniper is about to wake up and see that Keedie is one of a kind.

Borrow Keedie

Gargoyles, by Tamsin Mori

Callen's Dad has always been secretive of his past but when the family have to move into his childhood home, the last thing Callen expects is a boarded-up mansion covered in gargoyles. It's enormous, the doors are nailed shut, the gardens are overgrown - and long-forgotten magic is returning. When a disgruntled gargoyle wakes up in his presence, Callen must befriend Zariel and earn her trust before it's too late. A dark threat is growing in the shadows and only a Gargoyle Guardian can stop it.

Borrow Gargoyles

Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales, by Catherine Cawthorne and Sara Ogilvie

Join the Big Bad Wolf as he debunks your favourite fairy tales with SCIENCE! Did a princess really feel a tiny pea through a mountain of mattresses? And could a pumpkin actually turn into a carriage to carry Cinderella to the ball? Of course not! It's all a load of fairytale NONSENSE! Or is it?

The Big Bad Wolf is on a mission to find the truth behind these tales, and clear his name in the process. Combining STEM topics with classic stories children know and love, this hilarious non-fiction picture book is perfect for inquisitive children always asking big questions!

Borrow Big Bad Wolf Investigates Fairy Tales

Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly, by Greg Jenner and Rikin Parekh

Think history is just a boring list of facts and dates? Think again! History is hectic, exciting, and unpredictable - in fact, it's absolute chaos! Join Greg Jenner on a riotously fun journey through ancient Egypt, from brilliant beginnings to epic ending. Accompanied by expert Egyptologist Dr Campbell Price and with illustrations from Rikin Parekh, Greg's whirlwind tour will cover everything you need to know about the Egyptians and show you what it would really have been like to live through thousands of years of chaotic history.

Borrow Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly

The World's First Rollercoaster and Other Amazing Inventions, by Mike Barfield and Franziska Hollbacher

Did you know that bubblewrap started life as a new type of wallpaper that didn't catch on?! Or that Lonnie Johnson invented the Nerf Super Soaker while working on a NASA mission to Saturn? Blue Peter Award-winner Mike Barfield tells the fascinating true stories behind an amazing range of inventions and innovations. From bubblewrap to the barcode, from pizza to post-its, from trainers to the teddy bear! The story of each invention is told in a lively comic-strip format, and we meet the colourful cast of characters involved in these light-bulb moments which changed the world in big or tiny ways.

Borrow The World's First Rollercoaster and Other Amazing Inventions

Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures, by Camilla De La Bedoyere and Fiona Fogg

Meet incredible creatures from all around the world in this colourful, fact-packed animal guide. 'Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures' tells you all the essential facts about some of the most unique mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects that can be found on our planet. Bite-sized text breaks down key information about the creature's appearance, behaviour and habitat, while colourful and dynamic illustrations bring the animal to life in front of you.

Each spread also features bold graphic-novel style panels that tell the story of a key aspect of each animal's daily life, such as the aye-aye foraging for its dinner and the peacock spider performing a dramatic dance to attract a mate.

Borrow Curious Features of Extraordinary Creatures

Odd Animals Out, by Ben Hoare and Asia Orlando

Most types of animals are similar to their close relatives, but what about the rebels and the rule-breakers of the animal kingdom? Discover more than 75 creatures that truly stand out from the crowd, with the nature enthusiast and author Ben Hoare. From a vegetarian shark and a solar-powered salamander, to a flying frog and a bone-munching bird, this book is all about the 'odd ones out' in the natural world. Get acquainted with quirky animal outliers around the world, and find out what these non-conformists do to survive in the wild, and how they have evolved over time.

Borrow Odd Animals Out