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Climate Change non-fiction books for children

by Sophie Green

Want to learn more about climate change, and what you can do to help save our planet? Take a look at our favourite fact books for children, all about climate change.

A climate in chaos, by Neal Layton

You've probably heard about climate change. At least I hope you have - because it's really important. It affects all of us living on Planet Earth right now, and everyone and everything that will live on our planet in the future. Our world is warming up, and it's a big problem. Award-winning author-illustrator Neal Layton is here to explain what climate change is, what's causing it and why it's dangerous for animals and humans alike. But he's also FULL of ideas for how you can help!

Borrow A climate in chaos

The story of climate change: a first book about how we can help save our planet, by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams

A first-look at the causes and effects of climate change for young readers. Featuring bite-size text by Catherine Barr and Steve Williams, and vibrant illustrations by Amy Husband and Mike Love, this honest yet inspiring title charts the history of our planet's climate and the science behind global warming. Kids will be energised to make a change and do their part to fight the climate emergency.

Borrow The story of climate change

Kids fight climate change, by Martin Dorey and Tim Wesson

Our planet is in trouble. It needs YOU. Together we can fight climate change by speaking up and changing what we eat, how we travel and the ways we use energy. Find out how you can become a #2minutesuperhero by completing 50 fun missions that reduce your carbon footprint at home, school and in your community.

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Climate action: the future is in our hands, by Georgina Stevens and Katie Rewse

Learn about how climate change is affecting our world, explore the human impact and read about bright ideas for tackling climate breakdown. But above all, be inspired by young changemakers and discover all the different ways to take action.

Borrow Climate action

This book will (help) cool the climate, by Isabel Thomas and Alex Paterson

Discover how YOU can cut stinky fumes, and tread more lightly on the planet. Become an eco-warrior, not an eco-worrier, with 50 practical tips to really make a difference! Our planet is in peril and it needs your help! But the good news is that there are loads of easy ways that you can make a difference. From lift-sharing to switching body sprays, there are so many things you can do to help fight climate change. Complete with myth-busting boxes and counter arguments to put climate-deniers in their place, this is a one-stop guide to transform eco-worried kids into eco-activists.

Borrow This book will (help) cool the climate

Climate change, by Maryam Sharif-Draper

In 2019, kids around the world began to go 'on strike' in order to highlight the future problems that may arise if we do not curtail our destructive environmental habits. This book lays out the science behind the naturally occurring phenomena of climate change, a process which has been accelerated by human misuse of the Earth's natural resources.

Borrow Climate change

Climate rebels, by Ben Lerwill

Climate change is happening, now. But it's not too late to change the story. Meet the humans, from around the world, who are fighting to save our planet. This is your call to arms. Featuring 25 hopeful stories including Greta Thunberg, David Attenborough, Jane Goodall, Wangari Maathai - as well as lesser-known heroes, such as turtle-protector Len Peters, the guardians of the Amazon rainforest, and the poacher patrollers The Black Mambas. This book will transport you from the poles, to the oceans, to the rainforests, with iconic illustration.

Borrow Climate rebels

Beetles for breakfast, by Madeleine Finlay and Jisu Choi

We all know the effects that climate change and global warming are having on our planet - but what about the strange, and often bizarre ways scientists are working to find practical and imaginative answers to these big problems? Following a day in the life of a child, we see how these inventions could fit into everyday life, from brushing your teeth with biodegradable algae, to eating beetle burgers for lunch and coming home to do your homework with a pen containing ink made from exhaust fumes.

With a mixture of infographic-style artwork and topical, funny and expertly researched facts, children will love seeing familiar scenes with a futuristic twist, teaching them all about the cool, exciting and sometimes quite strange inventions that could be common in the not-so-distant future.

Borrow Beetles for breakfast

Climate crisis for beginners, by Andrew Prentice and Eddie Reynold

An informative guide to climate change, global warming, pollution and the impact these are having on our planet. Cartoons, comic strips and diagrams offer simple explanations of big ideas, and there is clear text and bright, infographic style illustrations on every page, includes tips on how we can help save the planet, a glossary, and links to specially selected websites with more information.

Borrow Climate crisis for beginners

Climage emergency atlas, by Dan Hooke

Our house is on fire - it's time to wake up to the climate crisis facing planet Earth before it's too late. Which countries generate the highest CO2 emissions? Which coastal cities are most vulnerable to rising sea levels? What will the polar ice caps look like in 10 years' time? Which countries have successfully harnessed renewable energy sources?

This unique graphic altas tells you everything you need to know about the current climate emergency, and what we can do to turn things around. Packed with facts and figures and more than 30 dynamic maps, 'Climate Emergency Atlas' is clear and easy to understand, making it the perfect reference guide for all young climate activists.

Borrow Climage emergency atlas

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