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New children's books for November 2023

by Sophie Green

Looking for new books for your little ones? Take a look at our brand new children's fiction and non-fiction books for November 2023.

Find more recommendations for children.

King Lion, by Emma Yarlett

From the creator of Nibbles.

The lion is King and everyone in his kingdom is happy. Everyone, that is, except King Lion himself. The king feels lonely and decides he needs a friend. He tries everything: roaring 'hello', waving his paws, flashing a smile and even cracking a joke. But everyone just runs away. Then, feeling lonelier than ever, the king climbs up the tallest tower in his kingdom and roars and roars and ROARS! Now no one in the kingdom is happy. Until a little girl sees the king and comes up with a very brave plan to help him.

Borrow King Lion

Tiny Owl's Scary Day, by Petr Horacek

Tiny Owl wants to explore the day. Mummy Owl says the day can be dangerous but Tiny Owl isn't scared! So, when Mummy Owl is asleep, Tiny Owl tiptoes out of the nest and flies off. There are all kinds of other birds and animals out during the day, and everything is so colourful! But maybe night-time is best for owls after all.

Borrow Tiny Owl's Scary Day

The Duck Who Came For Dinner, by Steve Smallman and Joelle Dreidemy

One windy day, a little duck blows into Wolf's backyard. Together Wolf, Hotpot and Omelette nurse her wonky wing back to health. But Apple is one plucky duck and it's not long before she is flying to THEIR rescue!

Borrow The Duck Who Came For Dinner

The Greatest in the World, by Ben Clanton

A new comic book series from the creator of Narwhwarlicorn and Jelly.

Rot is a mutant potato who wakes up feeling great, maybe even, the greatest in the world! But that only makes Rot's brother Snot the grumpiest in the world. The only solution? An epic contest to prove who is the greatest once and for all, judged by the only impartial party they can find - their small fry little sister, Tot. But as the stakes get higher through the muddy potato sack race, sacred hot potato roll, and a hilarious laughing contest, their rivalry spirals out of control. Suddenly Rot's not feeling so spudtacular anymore. Will this tater trio ever be able to determine who the greatest in the world really is?

Borrow The Greatest in the World

Search for the Ice Chaffy, by Jamie Smart

Max and Chaffy can't wait to search for more CHAFFIES. And today is a very SPECIAL day - a snow day! So, a SURPRISE visitor has arrived to look for one of the rarest chaffies of all, and YOU CAN HELP!

Borrow Search for the Ice Chaffy

The Incredible Adventures of Gaston le Dog, by Michael Rosen and Viviane Schwarz

Gaston le Dog longs to return to the beautiful beach he remembers from years ago. So he sets off on an adventure - but mystery and danger lurk at every turn, and Gaston will need all the help he can get from the friends he meets along the way. But can they all be trusted? And will Gaston's odyssey bring him everything he hoped for?

Borrow The Incredible Adventures of Gaston le Dog

Hilda and the Faratok Tree, by Stephen Davis and Luke Pearson

A trip to the castle ruins leads to a brand-new, daring adventure for our beloved blue-haired heroine. When she stumbles across the faratok tree and finds herself in the Time of Giants, Hilda learns all about the Giant Slayer. Desperate to help the Giants and negotiate peace, can Hilda change the past, whilst struggling with her own?

Borrow Hilda and the Faratok Tree

Glassborn, by Peter Bunzl

Seed of hope, in my hand, become the door to Fairyland. The year is 1826, and the Bell siblings arrive at their new home in Tambling Village, where everyone they meet has a tale of an encounter with fairies. That night, as the clock strikes thirteen, Acton Bell is called to Fairyland. The cruel Fairy Queen seeks the lost Glimmerglass Crown, and she believes Acton is the prophesied one who can find it for her. When Cora, Elle and Bram realise their brother has been taken, they set out on a quest to rescue him. But Fairyland is full of dangers.

Borrow Glassborn

A Kid's Guide to Anime & Manga: Exploring the History of Japanese Animation and Comics, by Samuel Sattin and Patrick Maclas

Explore the incredible world of anime and manga with this comprehensive, accessible handbook for kids.

Borrow A Kid's Guide to Anime & Manga

The Solar System: Discover the Mysteries of our Sun and the Planets That Orbit It, by Sophie Allan and Dawn Cooper

This guide to the solar system launches 7 to 9 year olds on a breathtaking journey into space through illustrations, photographs, and fascinating information. An introduction for young readers who want to learn about our local star - the Sun - and the planets that orbit it. Starting with the birth of the Sun and the solar system, readers continue on a journey through space. They discover the smallest planet, rocky Mercury, which is closest to the Sun, and Venus, the hottest planet. There is also Mars, with its polar ice caps and volcanoes, and Jupiter, with its swirling storm clouds. Then readers venture further into space to explore the icy giants of outer space.

Borrow The Solar System

Size Wise: From Colossal Squids to Snowflakes, a Life-Sized Look at Nature, by Camilla De la Bédoyère and Vasillisa Romanenko

Paired with captivating information about these incredible things, size comparisons and extra facts, this book will have you absorbed with the littlest and largest things on our astonishing planet.

Borrow Size Wise

Mobspotter's Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Guide to the Mobs of Minecraft

Minecraft is a multi-platform block-based gaming sensation. Whether you're in Creative, Survival or Hardcore Mode, the Minecraft books contain all the advice you need to survive and thrive! Written by expert guides who specialise in studying mobs and biomes, this encyclopedia offers an adventure to discover every mob in the game.

Borrow Mobspotter's Encyclopedia

Bird Atlas

Take to the skies and meet the world's most amazing birds. Navigate your way across the continents using detailed maps and discover birds of prey, birds of paradise, aquatic birds and more. Fun lift-the-flaps offer kids an immersive experience, revealing surprises, wow-factor facts and a fascinating glimpse into the lives of our feathered friends.

Borrow Bird Atlas