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Improve your skills in budgeting and job hunting on Kanopy

by Lisa Brennan

Struggling with finances, looking for a job or just looking to improve your skills? Take a look at these courses on [Kanopy](/services/kanopy) to help you navigate the world of work and budgets.

Job interview skills

Job interview skills: Getting a better job

8 short scenarios totalling 25 minutes of footage, including managing the introduction, being specific using STAR - providing rich behavioural evidence, having the contrary example, taking control and managing the ending.

This course covers essentials such as recruitment documents, CV examples, the cover letter and interview tips and techniques.

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Money Management Skills with Great Courses

Money Management Skills

Money management can be intimidating. Fortunately, most of us only need to learn a few basic principles to make good financial decisions. Get a comprehensive overview of what everyday people need to know.

Whether you're just getting started in life or contemplating retirement, this course offers an excellent primer with all the information you need to build a financial plan to achieve your goals.

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Need further work, debts or benefits guidance?

Get help to claim benefits and advice on work and debt – online, by phone or in libraries.

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Need further work, debts or benefits guidance?