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Featured Christmas films on Kanopy

by Lisa Brennan

Looking for something festive to watch with the family this Christmas? Take a look at our top films on Kanopy, free to watch with your library card!

The Christmas Dance

A young woman finds unexpected romance when she returns to her hometown for a family emergency.

Watch The Christmas Dance

French & Saunders Christmas Puddings

French and Saunders are back with another collection of sketches. This time they challenge outrageous costume drama Tipping the Velvet and hide the sedatives of highland drama Monarch of the Glen. Also on the festive roster, Waking the Dead. As part of a crack crime-busting team, Jennifer Saunders' frightening transformation into Trevor Eve lets her join Dawn French's pensive, know-it-all psychologist armed with a Little Book of Clever Insights.

Watch French & Saunders Christmas Puddings

Enchanted Tales: The Christmas Elves

Catch this whimsical holiday film bursting with comical elfin escapades! Based on the classic tale of the Shoemaker and the Elves, Hans the shoemaker is helped by a group of mismatched elves who want to work for Santa Claus.

Watch The Christmas Elves

A Miracle on Christmas Lake

After a teenage boy loses his best friend and his Dad both around Christmas he quits his favorite sport of hockey and turns from is friends. When an ice rink magically appears on the frozen lake near his home, he reminisces the good times.

Watch A Miracle on Christmas Lake

The Christmas Project Reunion

An awkward high school boy is forced to break out of his shell when his elementary school nemesis moves back into town and tries to steal his girlfriend.

Watch The Christmas Project Reunion

Anything But Christmas

When a lawmaker proposes a bill to change the Christmas holiday's name from Christmas to something more inclusive, Nick (Santa) sends one of his most trusted elves to hire a legal team to defend Christmas and bring suit in order to stop the vote on this bill.

Watch Anything But Christmas

A Dog's Tale

It seems that anything is possible once the Professor arrives in town with his colorful and ragged band of rail-riding wayfarers. When the Professor tells Tim about a legendary supernova with mysterious powers that is set to appear in the night sky any day now, Tim knows he'll finally get the dog he's always wanted. After making the wish, Tim realizes something went wrong: he has a fur coat, a wagging tail, a wet nose, and four paws!

Watch A Dog's Tale

Ernest & Celestine: Winter Tales

Four charming stories capture snow's magical atmosphere. Ernest, a rather large and marginal bear, and a street musician and clown, has invited Celestine, a mischievous little mouse, to live with him. In the world of bears befriending a mouse is frowned upon.

Watch Ernest & Celestine: Winter Tales

A Christmas Past: Early Silent Films

A collection of nine enchanting films from 1901 to 1925 that offer a nostalgic peek into the Yuletide pleasures of the early 20th century.

Watch A Christmas Past

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