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Unlimited audiobooks for July 2023

Looking for a new book to listen to without the wait? Here are our top unlimited audiobooks available on our eLibrary for you to borrow right away!

Unlimited means there's no waiting list, so you can start listening whenever you're ready.

On BorrowBox:

The Start of Something, by Miranda Dickinson

Lachlan Wallace is stuck at home after a car accident stalled his army career. With months of physiotherapy still to endure and only his rescue dog and cat for company, he’s taken to gazing out of the window, watching the world spin on without him. And then he notices a vase of flowers on the windowsill of the apartment opposite his. Drawn to their hope and colour, he decides to reach out and sticks a message in his window.

Bethan Gwynne is a stranger in a new town. Bringing up her son Noah by herself, she is slowly rebuilding her life, but loneliness is one obstacle she has yet to overcome. She’s intrigued by a glimpse of her neighbour in the apartment across from hers – and then, one evening, she sees a message in his window just for her:

What are those flowers called?

And so begins a love story of two people reaching out, daring to trust a stranger.

Listen to The Start of Something

On Libby:

Death in Fine Condition, by Andrew Cartmel

Cordelia Stanmer, an addict-turned-dealer of classic crime paperbacks, spends her days hunting for books across London. By chance she discovers a set of extremely rare titles. The only problem? They're not for sale. Still, nothing a little burglary can't solve. But when the owner turns out to be a violent criminal, Cordelia realises she may have placed herself in grave danger.

Listen to Death in Fine Condition

The Crash, by Catherine Miller

At the edge of a forest, a husband and wife are driving through the winding lanes. When a song comes on the radio, the song that brought the high-school sweethearts together on a dancefloor forty years ago, they turn to each other. That split second – a stolen glance as memories wash over them – is one of their last. Moments later, their car crashes.

Two strangers lie in hospital, their lives hanging in the balance. After a near-fatal accident, it’s a miracle that Zack survived. And with a life-long heart condition, Chloe didn’t think she would make it past her twenties.

But that day, Chloe and Zack’s lives are saved when they each receive a heart. Gifted a rare second chance, it’s up to them not to waste it – to make the most of every moment.

They don’t know it, but they are inextricably linked. And until Chloe and Zack find one another – two hearts searching for their missing part – their new lives can never begin… Will they be able to find each other before it’s too late?

Listen to The Crash

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