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New audiobooks for November 2023

by Sophie Green

Treat your ears with these brand new audiobook titles for November 2023, free to listen to on our BorrowBox service with your library card.

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The Secret, by Lee Child

1992: Two strangers bring a hospital patient a list of names. They ask him for one more, but it's a question the patient can't answer. Minutes later, he is dispatched through the 12th floor window.

His death generates some unexpected attention. That attention comes from the Secretary of Defence, who brings in an inter-agency task force to investigate. Jack Reacher, recently demoted from Major to Captain, is assigned as the Army's representative.

Reacher may be an exceptional soldier, but sweeping other people's secrets under the carpet isn't part of his skill set. As he races to find the killer, he must navigate around the ulterior motives of his new 'partners'. And all while moving into the sight line of some of the most dangerous people he has ever encountered.

His mission is to uncover the truth. Fast. The question is, will Reacher bring the bad guys to justice the official way... or his way?

Listen to The Secret

T.V.: Big Adventures on the Small Screen, by Peter Kay

The long-awaited return of the comedy national treasure.

Join Peter Kay on his incredible journey through the great and the good of TV – from tea-making in Granada to behind the scenes on Phoenix Nights, Max & Paddy and his legendary performance as John Redmond in Car Share.

Charming, sidesplittingly funny and utterly unforgettable, T.V.: Big Adventures on the Small Screen is Peter Kay at his vivid, nostalgic and hilarious best.

Listen to T.V.: Big Adventures on the Small Screen

Wildfire, by Hannah Grace

When Russ and Aurora cross paths at a university party, a drinking game ends with them spending the night together. The next day, Aurora slips away before Russ learns her full name.

This anonymity ends when they both turn up to their first day of work as camp counsellors. A job they had both chosen to escape Maple Hills for the summer.

Given their history, there’s still an obvious tension between the two but the camp has a strict “no staff fraternizing” rule. Russ doesn’t want to risk heading home early but Aurora has never been one for rules. As things heat up, they'll have to resist or risk starting something they just can’t stop.

Listen to Wildfire

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