New children's books for June

Looking for some new books to read with your little ones? Take a look at our brand-new children's titles for June! All of these books and more are available to borrow for free with your library card.

Natterjack Toad Can't Believe It!

Do you have a favourite snack? One you've been thinking about all day, and just can't wait to tuck into? Well, our friend Natterjack Toad has a packet of delicious chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies and he can't wait to tuck in. So, he gets himself all nice and comfortable, ready to savour every last chocolately bite - he reaches into the packet, he opens his mouth, and then - Natterjack Toad can't believe it! Every time he tries to eat his cookies, there's something in the way: a lanky heron, a frisky-whiskered weasel, a scurrying vole - all on the lookout for a (toady) snack themselves. Will he ever be able to eat his chocolate-chunk crunchy-munch cookies in peace?

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Pavlo Gets the Grumps

Pavlo does not feel like going to the park. Not today. He does not want to go swimming. He even says no to the cinema. What's going on, Pavlo? Pavlo's got the grumps. This comforting picture book takes a look at bad days and big emotions, and reminds us that we all have grumpy days sometimes but no feeling lasts forever.

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Who Ate Steve?

Welcome to this extremely interesting book about size. Marcel is a bird. He is big. Steve is a worm, and he is ... Wait a minute! Steve has disappeared! Does Marcel know something about it? And can he be persuaded to return that poor worm right now?!

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The Boy, The Troll, and the Chalk

Everybody knew that a big fierce troll lived in the cave. 'Leave me alone!' it yelled. So everybody did. Only one child cannot turn their back on the troll at the edge of the playground. One day, he takes his chalks up to the mouth of the cave. He draws a flower with every petal coloured in but one, and leaves the chalk behind. The next day, the flower has been completed. Day-by-day, the boy and the troll finish each other's drawings, until they each draw a portrait, showing a boy holding hands with a fierce, scary troll. 'But you're not a troll', says the boy. 'You're a boy - just like me'.

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Dive, Dive Into the Night Sea

Swooping manta rays, vibrant coral reefs and sleeping whales are just a few of the wonders waiting to be discovered in this eye-catching and atmospheric picture book. Lift the flaps to uncover the secrets of the night sea and fascinating facts about the creatures that live there. What will you discover?

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Rune: The Tale of a Thousand Faces

Chiri is a fun-loving super cook looking for fresh adventures and ingredients, but her love of exploration has landed her in some serious magical trouble and she's going to need all the help she can get to find home again. Chiri and best friend Dai live in an orphanage right next to the deepest, darkest forest. On a scavenging mission to find some amazing new ingredients for her many culinary experiments, Chiri plunges both her and her best friend into the secret kingdom of Puddin', a secret place plagued by the Thousand Faces Monster and inhabited by all sorts of magical people and critters. Befriending witches, bards, ogres and sorcerers, can our two protagonists make it home and more importantly, can they evade the darkness that has awoken on their arrival?

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Worst King Ever!

Shy and anxious schoolboy Toby accidentally becomes king of a pixie kingdom at the bottom of his garden! These chaos-creating magical critters cause havoc for Toby at home and at school with their ridiculously silly powers (despite them only trying to help!), much to Toby's embarrassment and frustration. But when his extrovert friend Mo discovers Toby's secret double life, Toby realises that maybe being king of the pixies isn't so bad after all.

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Hero Trial

Kit has dreamed of being a Dungeon Runner all his life, although being a gnorf (part gnome, part dwarf) means he's much smaller than the other competitors. But when a space opens up for a new team in the Dungeon Running League, Kit doesn't want to miss this chance to try out! With his new friends Sandy and Thorn, they're ready to take on anything - mazes, puzzles, monsters, treasure and most of all adventure! Are you ready for the games to begin? Welcome to the Dungeon!

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The Last Dragon

Yara has glimpsed the last dragon on Earth only twice in her twelve years. She's got other things to worry about - her sister is in hospital, her parents are panicking, and her new teacher has labelled her a troublemaker and wants her out. But one evening, in the glow of the lights of the shopping centre in Milton Keynes, Yara finds herself being watched by the last dragon and, before it departs, it leaves her a gift - its only dragon egg.

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The Super Sunny Murder Club

A collection of sizzling summer-themed crime and mystery stories by 13 of the most popular, exciting and diverse children's book authors!

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I Am Rebel

Rebel is a good dog, and he loves his simple, perfect life on the farm with his owner Tom - until one day the war comes too close. Now Tom is determined to join the rebellion to defeat the king's men. But Rebel knows war is dangerous, and he will stop at nothing to save the human he loves. Rebel must bring Tom home before it's too late.

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The Nine Night Mystery

Last night Wesley and his friends Josephine and Margot threw their neighbour Rachel a surprise birthday party. This morning, Rachel is dead. And Wesley is the one who finds her body. Rachel's friends throw a traditional Caribbean Nine Night celebration to help guide her soul to the next world. But Wesley, Margot and Josephine don't have time to mourn Rachel. They are determined to find out who did this - and find out what secrets Rachel was keeping.

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How to Be a Genius Kid

Why is misspelling stuff a sign of grate intelly-genz? What have the hours in the day got to do with FINGER BONES? Why does rain on a pavement smell so delish? Zany and laugh out loud bonkers, this book of large and small facts, is The Best, and that's official! You'll want to quote from it, repeat the gags, and reread it again and again. Plus Waldo Pancake shows you how to draw stuff, as well as learning you to be the biggest genius ever.

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Being Autistic (And What That Actually Means)

Written by autistic author, Niamh Garvey, with lively illustrations throughout, this is the ultimate guide for 8-12-year-olds to learn all about what being autistic actually means.

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Moving On Up

Navigate the perils of growing up in this hilarious and confidence-building guide to friendship, beating the bullies and overcoming cringe-worthy moments - by comedian and bestselling children's writer, Rosie Jones. No one knows quite as much about friendship fails, dealing with bullies and being TOTALLY embarrassed, then Rosie Jones. You name a completely awkward situation, and she's been there, got the t-shirt and probably done it all again. Rosie knows just how hard growing up can be, but she also knows that you can overcome the difficult and embarrassing moments with the help of good friends and a good sense of humour. So, sit back, grab a packet of crisps and crunch your way through this super handy guide to navigating all the tricky growing up stuff (and styling out of all the totally cringe moments life throws your way).

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The Children's Book of the Future

'The Children's Book of the Future' is a narrative non-fiction book that will offer an inclusive and hopeful vision of the future, with a diverse, multicultural approach that will appeal to children of all backgrounds and further appeal to the foreign market audience. The book will consist of approximately eighteen chapters that each take inspiration from current scientific research. They'll present engaging, optimistic futures that could result from the real-world science, with insets delving into how that science works. The book will be highly illustrated throughout to make complex ideas more accessible, as well as to better depict the wondrous futures that could be ahead.

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