Dyslexia-friendly books for teens

The Big Ask

Harvey is popular, cool, plays football and has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Summer for as long as anyone can remember. Alfie is not popular, not cool, has a sick note so he doesn't have to play any sport, and has been in a relationship with his Xbox since forever. So when Summer dramatically dumps Harvey just a few days before the school prom, no one is expecting Alfie to ask Harvey to be his date. Least of all Alfie. But sometimes amazing things can happen when you take a chance.

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EchoStar is Always Listening

Ruby Brookes and her best friend Deva have won free places at the Ash Tree Foundation Performing Arts Camp over the summer, but only if their school grades seriously improve. So when Deva suddenly starts getting high marks in all their subjects, leaving Ruby behind, she is confused and jealous. Until she finds out Deva's success is down to EchoStar, a new app that's helping her get ahead. Ruby is desperate to start using it too, but there is much more to BrightStar than she has imagined. Because EchoStar is always watching and listening.

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Welcome to Camp Killer

When an American-style residential camp is set up in the grounds of an English stately home, the teenage camp counsellors are looking forward to a fun summer of activities. But right from the outset, things don’t feel quite right at Camp Miller. Rumours circulate of a tragedy that took place in the grounds and there are unexplained sightings of a ghostly presence.

Then the incidents begin – a near-drowning out on the lake, a fatal fall from a cliff-face … Are these tragic accidents or is there something more sinister going on at Camp Killer?

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A singing-club trip ends in disaster when the coach carrying the members spins out of control. Hailey is trapped at the back of the coach with her nemesis Bex, who’s taken the lead role in their latest performance, and handsome Kit, on whom Hailey has a massive crush.

As the coach hangs over the edge of a precipice and Kit escapes to find help, Hailey and Bex have to get over their initial judgements about each other and work together if they are to stand a chance of survival. Will they find a way to safety?

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The Den

Marshall feels the need to escape because things are so tough at home. Rory is just happy it’s the first day of the summer holidays. While out on their bikes they stumble across a long-forgotten underground bunker at the edge of the woods. This is the den, and going down inside will stretch their friendship to its limits. There will be rivalry and betrayal, but can wrecked relationships be saved before the summer has even begun?

The complicated nuances of teenage friendship are captured perfectly in this story of summer adventure and exploration by award-winning author Keith Gray.

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A Sudden Storm

It’s Arjan’s sixteenth birthday and he’s celebrating with his mates – going to see a film and then get a Nando’s. He’s looking forward to some good banter and wondering what might happen with Jem, who’s been looking at him differently these days …

But the night comes to a dramatic and violent end when Arjan is targeted by a group of racist thugs, who single him out due to the colour of his skin and the turban that he wears as a symbol of his commitment to his faith and culture.

Is the life of a good friend and beloved son really worth so little?

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On holiday in Yorkshire, James is bored out of his mind being dragged around various old ruins as his dad tries to trace his family's roots. Then one day as his parents bicker and his moody teenage brother ignores him, James hears mischievous laughter and the ghost of a young girl appears to him at Crackpot Hall. When the girl first urges James to follow him, he's afraid and runs away. But when she appears again after another argument between James and his brother, he goes after her, leading to a gruesome discovery that reveals a terrible truth about his family.

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