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We reach thousands of Suffolk’s residents through our services, events and spaces. Find out about some of the people we’ve had an effect on.

A second home

"Lowestoft Library has honestly saved my life. Being able to go to the library and be around books helps with my depression and anxiety. The staff are like family to me. How supportive they’ve been of me being trans, how excited the staff get when I have an update for them. Lowestoft Library is my second home there’s nowhere I feel safer than at home and in the library."

Fun for all the family

"My boys love attending the free Lego Club on Saturdays and the staff are encouraging and enjoy engaging with the children. My boys love that their Lego creations are displayed in the library on the shelf. They have such a positive experience from attending, they love going along. They are really looking forward to the summer book reading challenge. I think the staff at Framlingham Library are superb!"

A wealth of knowledge and resources

"Ipswich Library helped me overcome OCD and study for an Open University diploma. I was very anxious about being with people because of OCD fears but I felt safer in the library. Over several years of visiting the library, my ability to be with people without being so anxious improved. The library staff helped me to study Open University courses because I didn't have a computer facilities at home. I eventually achieved an OU diploma which then enabled me to get a job which I loved."

Accessible and adaptable

"My daughter is partially sighted and has been struggling to learn to read. We visited Needham Market Library and the librarian was incredibly helpful. They are looking into ordering bigger print books for her and if certain school books that will be needed in the future in bigger print. My daughter has really taken to the library and is excited to go back to pick new books. I'm over the moon that she is finding a new love of reading. The larger print is making a huge difference to her."

A place to come and relax

"I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 6 years. After the pandemic... life felt too busy and overwhelming. I took my daughter to Haverhill Library to choose some books, and whilst there I felt calm for the first time in years. The library has become my safe space and the amazing selection of self-help books has allowed me to learn to manage my conditions. My daughter attends the craft group on a Sunday, where we can spend some quality time together. Haverhill Library is my safe space."

A supportive community

"Since the birth of my baby, I have struggled with getting out and have felt very isolated. On a walk I spotted a Baby Bounce poster outside Rosehill Library. A few weeks later I mustered up the courage to go inside and was met with friendly faces. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found that I had more courage to attend more groups in the area. Now I am part of a lovely group of mum friends and attend several groups including the Baby Bounce sessions. The library has given me the opportunity to reach out to others and improve my mental health massively."

Low-cost entertainment

"When we first moved to Hadleigh, money was tight. The library was a lifeline. Even just nipping down the road made an outing for us all, with no expectation to spend money. We used to borrow a DVD every week for a movie night at home. I was able to borrow budget recipe books to help keep our costs down. When we didn't have a printer or photocopier, we could use the library ones to help with school work. The staff were always kind and friendly. Even during lockdown I was incredibly grateful to be able to borrow books on my phone."

Health and wellbeing support

"I was really delighted to participate in the Suffolk Libraries Jumpstart series of online classes in January 2021. I particularly enjoyed the yoga sessions, attending every one since they began. They have really helped to keep me physically fit and flexible during a time when we couldn't go out, as well as allowing me to remain emotionally healthy. These sessions made me feel less isolated, helped me to connect to a community, and supported me through a time of great stress and anxiety."

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