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Woodbridge Library to trial new opening hours from December

Woodbridge Library is trialling new opening hours from 4 December.

The new hours will allow the library to remain open for longer on Monday afternoons, whilst closing a little earlier on Tuesday evenings when the library is quieter.

These hours will be trialled from 4 December for a total of three months. The full opening hours will be:

  • Mondays: 10AM to 5PM (previously closed at 4PM)
  • Tuesdays: 9AM to 6.30PM (previously closed at 7.30PM)
  • Wednesdays: 9AM to 5.30PM (no change)
  • Thursdays: 9AM to 5.30PM (no change)
  • Fridays: 9AM to 7PM (no change)
  • Saturdays: 9AM to 5PM (no change)
  • Sundays: 10AM to 4PM (no change)

Woodbridge Library will be offering warm rooms as part of Suffolk Libraries’ cost-of-living campaign this winter. Anyone can come and spend time in the library, enjoy a free hot drink or pick up some pre-loved warm clothes, no questions asked.

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