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Our Top 4 eLibrary titles for World Kindness Day

The Kindness Cure, Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make the World a Better Place, the Power of Kindness

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind." - Caroline Flack, Dec 2019.

Kindness is the gift that keeps on giving. For World Kindness Day on 13 November, we've compiled our top 4 picks of eLibrary titles that focuses on empathy, compassion and kindness.

  1. Acts of Kindness: 101 Ways to Make the World a Better Place by Rhonda Sciortino

Through the simplest act of kindness, all of our lives are improved. Genuine human sentiment is best expressed through helping others, in ways big and small. It enables us to rely on one another for strength and happiness. But in the confusion and chaos of the modern world, even small acts of kindness are often overlooked and ignored. Acts of Kindness shines a spotlight on the best that humanity has to offer, one good deed at a time.

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  1. The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story by Christie Watson

Christie Watson was a nurse for twenty years. Taking us from birth to death and from A&E to the mortuary, The Language of Kindness is an astonishing account of a profession defined by acts of care, compassion and kindness. We watch Christie as she nurses a premature baby who has miraculously made it through the night, we stand by her side during her patient’s agonising heart-lung transplant, and we hold our breath as she washes the hair of a child fatally injured in a fire, attempting to remove the toxic smell of smoke before the grieving family arrive.

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  1. The Power of Kindness: Why Empathy Is Essential in Everyday Life by Dr Brian Goldman

As a veteran emergency room physician, Dr. Brian Goldman has a successful career setting broken bones, curing pneumonia, and otherwise pulling people back from the brink of medical emergency. He always believed that caring came naturally to physicians. But time, stress, errors, and heavy expectations left him wondering if he might not be the same caring doctor he thought he was at the beginning of his career. He wondered what kindness truly looks like—in himself and in others.

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  1. The Kindness Cure

The Kindness Cure draws on the latest social and scientific research to reveal how the seemingly "soft skills" of kindness, cooperation, and generosity are fundamental to our survival as a species. In fact, it's our prosocial abilities that put us at the head of the line. Blended with moving case studies and clinical anecdotes, Cousineau offers practical ways to rekindle kindness from the inside out.

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