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Explaining mental health to children - eBooks

Perry Panda, Not today, Celeste! and The Colour Thief

The following eBooks have been selected by our perinatal team for parents looking to explore the topic of mental health with their children. All of these titles are available on our Overdrive.

Perry Panda: a story about parental depression by Helen Bashford

Perry, you're not naughty and you've not upset your mum. It's not your fault - it's never your fault - that your mummy feels this glum."… Perry Panda is a story designed to help young children understand a parent or carer's depression. With simple rhymes and bright illustrations, it explains behaviours that may seem unusual to the child and reassures them that it is not their fault.

Not today, Celeste! A dog’s tale about her human’s depression by Liza Stevens

Celeste thinks she is the happiest dog in the world. But when she notices something different about her human, Rupert, she wonders if things will ever be the same again. Charmingly illustrated, this heart-warming story for children aged 3+ reflects some of the feelings and experiences that a child whose parent or carer has depression may face.

The Colour Thief: a family's story of depression by Andrew Fusek Peters

This book brings freshness and vibrancy into a world often portrayed as dark and hidden, and it can help take away the feelings of helplessness and fear that can make families feel so alone’…..This book is a way to open up discussion to support children who may be experiencing depression within their family.

Aubrey and the Terrible Yoot by Horatio Clare

Aubrey is a rumbunctious boy who tries to run before he can walk and has crashed two cars before he's old enough to drive one. But when Aubrey's father, Jim, falls under an horrendous spell, Aubrey is determined to break it. Everyone says his task is impossible but with the help of the animals of Rushing Wood and a touch of magic, Aubrey will never give up and never surrender - even if he must fight the unkillable spirit of despair itself - the Terrible Yoot.

If you are struggling, please also visit our perinatal support and counselling page for e-mail support and advice.