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From picture books to spotters’ guides - our picks for National Beach Day

Clem and Crab, On the Beach, Go Wild at the Seaside.

August 30th is National Beach Day which celebrates all the sandy beaches across the region. If you're looking for a beach-themed treat, take a look at our picks:

Clem is an explorer, a collector, a protector of the seas! Treasure hunting on her beloved beach, she stumbles across Crab, his claw stuck in a plastic bag. Crab will be much safer and happier in the city with Clem, but doesn't he belong on the beach?

It might look like a pebble from the beach, but Eliza knows this is an egg. And one night when she hears cracking, she discovers the Stone Bird. It might still look like a stone to her mum, but Eliza knows it's alive.

When Lula and her family must leave their house next to the beach to make way for a highway, Lula is desperate to protect the place she calls home, and all the wildlife that shares it with her. But how will a small girl like her be able to do it? A chance encounter with a magical creature changes everything.

An adventure guide for boys and girls who love the beach!

A beautifully-illustrated introduction to the fascinating creatures and plants you find on sandy beaches, rocky coasts and in the shallow waters around them.

Head down to the seashore and learn how to identify corals and shells, create beach art and spot all kinds of wildlife. Packed with fascinating fact files, amazing photographs and hands-on creative activities, 'Seashore Watcher' is the ultimate, practical guide for exploring and learning about the seashore and beyond.

This title introduces more than 50 of the most common plants, flowers, insects, and molluscs found along British seashores today. There are full descriptions of each, along with their scientific name, size, family, and habitat. Full colour photographs are also featured to help with easy identification.

Explore the beach and find out about shell shapes, what lives in rockpools, and find out the answer to questions such as 'What causes tides?' With exciting activities, like making a paper boat, and plenty of fun facts, 'Seashore' is a must for children curious about the seashore and keen to explore the world.

From crabs in the rock pools to dolphins out at sea, this look-and-say book for little ones is a great way to start learning about nature on the coast. The spot-and-find aspect is perfect for the youngest of readers to become absorbed in finding fascinating nature details. What can you see on the boat? Can you find the sandcastle on the beach? There's so much to recognise and discover in this beautiful interactive book for the very young.

I love building castles in the sand. So I built a sand castle. But not just any castle. One day at the beach, a little girl builds a sand castle. A real castle with domes and turrets and a crocodile moat. And a sea view. Pretty soon, the royal visitors arrive. Kings and queens, princes and princesses all descend on the palace to admire the sandy architecture and partake in the grand party in the Ballroom.

But in the morning, the troubles begin. 'There's sand in my almond strudel!' 'There is sand in my suit of armour!' 'There's sand in my bath!' In fact, there's sand everywhere. Is there any way to appease the royal guests? And what will happen when the tide inevitably comes in.