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Courses to try on Kanopy for Jumpstart January 2022

Looking to learn a new skill? Take a look at our top courses on Kanopy, from creative courses to how to build a thriving workplace.

Cooking Basics: What Everyone Should Know

Presented in partnership with The Culinary Institute of America and filmed at the CIA's flagship facility in New York, this series provides the step-by-step instructions you need to become a confident, productive cook in your own home. Your instructor, Chef Sean Kahlenberg, carefully walks you through the many dozen original recipes he presents in 24 easy-to-follow lessons.

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Fingerstyle Guitar: How to Play Acoustic Fingerpicking Guitar

With these acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar tips & techniques, discover how you can play easier than ever before! Greg Douglass is a versatile multi-platinum artist who has toured and recorded with Steve Miller, Van Morrison, Greg Kihn, Eddie Money and others.

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How to Build a Thriving Workplace: a Leader's Guide

In 12 episodes, learn how to identify and implement simple, inexpensive changes to improve your employees' work environment and positively impact your bottom line. Professor Beth Cabrera, organizational psychologist and Senior Scholar at the George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, provides a guide to creating the best possible work environment for your employees.

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Math and Magic

Get a 12-episode introduction to magic tricks using tools like playing cards, numbers, and geometric figures. Popular "mathemagician" and professor Arthur T. Benjamin reveals such fundamentals of the magician's art as the parity principle, lightning calculations, the perfect shuffle, and magic squares. Learn to astonish and delight your family, your friends, and even yourself.

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How to Play Piano

Discover how anyone can learn to play the piano with the right guidance and a little encouragement. These 36 accessible episodes provide the building blocks you need to go from interested novice to expressive player. Blending music theory and history with hands-on examples and step-by-step instruction, Professor Pamela D. Pike shows you how to pick up this marvelous musical skill.

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Martial Arts for Your Mind and Body

Martial Arts for Your Mind and Body offers an immersive introduction to nine leading examples of martial arts. Hosted and brought together by tai chi Grandmaster David-Dorian Ross, these 25 interactive lessons (one more than a typical course) give you a solid grounding in the different philosophies, styles, and techniques of the major martial arts families.

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Dog Training 101

Cutting through the clutter of ineffective techniques, and debunking myths and theories about dog cognition, Dog Training 101 brings you a training method validated by the latest scientific research on dog behavior. This course delves into dog cognition, behavioral science, husbandry, and more to give you have a better understanding of - and a stronger relationship with - your best friend.

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