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Undercover Princess by Connie Glynn

Undercover Princess

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""I know that you lied because..." she paused to move to her bed and started to rummage through her bag, violently chucking various objects and pieces of paper to the side. Lottie momentarily considered bolting for the door and running all the way back to Cornwall, but before she could finish that thought Ellie had located the item she was looking for and shoved the new-found object in Lottie's face. It was the diamond-shaped locket with the wolf crest expertly engraved on the surface. Ellie popped it open to reveal a small family photo: a king and a queen with a young girl at their side.

"Lottie's face went deathly pale as she realized who the little girl in the photo was. Lottie turned her gaze back to Ellie, but she already knew how her sentence was going to end. "Because..." she repeated, "I'm the princess of Maradova."

Lottie Pumpkin has finally got a scholarship to the most prestigious school in the whole of the UK – so prestigious that the richest business owners' sons and daughters and even royalty go there! With such amazing company, beautiful views, and the best sort of education possible, what more could she ask for?

But when Lottie turns up, feeling genuinely squashed by the famous people surrounding her, a surprise comes her way. Her roommate is no other than the princess of Maradova.

What is even more of a shock is the fact that Lottie, who has never thought of anything better than being a princess, is despised by this royal annoyance by the name of Ellie Wolf (apparently) – just for liking princesses! A rebellious, wild, freedom-loving princess, Ellie cannot think what Lottie can love about the status that 'ruins her life'.

Eventually, after a lot of bickering, the two become surprisingly firm friends, and get up to all sorts of mischief. At the heart of this is that Ellie has 'given her role' of princess to Lottie. This means a lot more than just fancy dresses, as she is soon to find out!

This book is very well written, keeping you in suspense all the way through. By no means do you have to like princesses at all: it will definitely appeal to anyone who loves drama, humour and wild characters doing wild things.