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Top picks of diverse fantasy series

by Rose Gant

Are you waiting impatiently for the upcoming adaptation of Shadow and Bone on Netflix? Are you in the need of some new and diverse fantasy recommendations to satisfy your reading craving in the mean time? Then check out some of our top picks in today’s list!

Deka is outcast from her village for being impure but soon finds sisterhood in other women who have been exiled. Together they form a fierce army ready to fight for their freedom. A story filled with female strength and empowerment teaching girls everywhere that they are capable of achieving great things.

An enemies to lovers’ tale rooted in West African folklore. Karina is a headstrong princess surrounded by loss. Malik is desperate to save his abducted sister. Unbeknownst to them they seek to kill one another but their lives end up entwining in more ways than one, can they save each other and their families?

In a society dictated by beauty, there is only one prized position at the palace. Camellia is determined to be chosen as the favourite of the season but at what cost… Would you risk losing everything for fame?

Be transported to the dazzling heights of 1920s Shanghai in this re-telling of Romeo and Juliet. A tale of crime, murder and the spread of a mysterious madness; can these two rival gangs join forces to overcome evil?

Zélie has lost everything under the hands of a ruthless king but she is not giving in without a fight. Teaming up with a rogue princess to overthrow the monarchy this tale of love, magic and adventure will grip you from beginning to end.

Two enemy witches join forces to take down a common enemy. Likened to the intrigue and mystery of Killing Eve this Jamaican-inspired debut is set to be one of this year’s hottest fantasy releases.

Set 200 years after Cinderella found her prince Sophia thinks her life is predetermined: be ‘chosen’ at the ball and live happily ever, but does this have to be her life’s path? A queer fairy tale reimagining showing readers that they have the power to write their own stories.