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Toffee by Sarah Crossan


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"'I'm Allison. I'm here because I've nowhere else to go.'"

"Allison is alone, Marla is alone. Soon they will come together.

"Allison has run away from home and takes refuge in a shed in a house she thinks is abandoned. Marla lives in that house and thinks Allison is a friend from her past called Toffee. What follows is an 'exploration of identity, mental health & friendship' and a realisation that "'We’re alone together.'"

Have you ever read a verse novel? Sarah Crossan is the reason I love this style of writing. Since I read her Carnegie Medal winning book One in 2016, I have devoured every verse novel she has published, and one she recommended as well!

I can confidently say that when I pick up one of Crossan's books, I won't put it down again easily. Toffee was no exception; like her other books, it is a quick read that nonetheless stays with you long after you have read the final page. I found it a very appropriate read for Mental Health Awareness Week, and page 365 in particular is an amazing example of the author's poetic talent.

I would definitely recommend Toffee to anyone - and that you go on to read the rest of Crossan's books if you haven't already!