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Klaus Flugge Shortlist for exciting new children's picture books

by Sophie Green

Browse these beautifully illustrated book from The Klaus Flugge 2022 shortlist.

The Klaus Flugge Prize is awarded to the most promising and exciting newcomer to children’s picture book illustration.

Mammoth, by Anna Kemp and Adam Beer

Big beast. Big city. Big trouble. When an Ice Age mammoth finds himself in a modern day city, he's not at all sure what to make of this huge, gleaming forest. Strange birds in the sky, strange beetles on the ground and strange, shouty cavemen. Is he the only mammoth in the world?

Borrow Mammoth

Rescuing Titanic, by Flora Delargy

'Rescuing Titanic' tells with exquisite illustrations and richly detailed text the story of the Carpathia and its heroic journey rescuing passengers from the Titanic.

Borrow Rescuing Titanic

Pierre's New Hair, by Joseph Hollis

Pierre is a bear who loves hair! From beehives to buzzcuts, to mullets and mowhawks! His favourite roller skating team, The Poodle Squad have the best hair around! Pierre and his friends decide to enter a roller skating competition to impress The Poodle Squad and put in hours of practice, training, hair styling and costume planning. What will happen though when Pierre can t get the perfect quiff and is running late? Will he make it to the competition on time? And will he still have the confidence to skate with his friends?

Borrow Pierre's New Hair

The Tale of the Whale, by Karen Swann and Padmacandra

Come on a magical journey of wonder and discovery from misty seaside shorelines to cold ice capped seas. This beautiful tale of friendship between a child and a whale invites us to consider our responsibilities towards the environment and makes a direct plea to end plastic pollution.

Borrow The Tale of the Whale

Choices, by Roozeboos

A girl considers her future while she people-watches at her local outdoor pool. Choices, both insignificant and life-changing, are all around us. Whether we want to make a splash or just dip our toes into new experiences, there's always a decision involved. Profound and humorous, this book encourages readers to value the power behind their thoughts and actions!

Borrow Choices

Alley Cat Rally, by Ricky Trickartt

Asta the cat is on a mission - to be the greatest racer her neighborhood has ever seen. She needs to show those alley cats who the real slow pokes are! And what better opportunity than the Kibble Hill Rally? Using a bit of ingenuity and a washing machine, Asta's ready to take on the other racers, but can she compete with Marvin's souped-up shopping basket or Anton's sleek sportscar and win the race? Buckle up for this lively tale from Ricky Trickartt about the importance of persisting, even when your dreams might feel out of reach.

Borrow Alley Cat Rally

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