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Reading groups

Want to set up your own reading group? Take a look at our top tips and what we can do to help you get started.

What we’ll do

  • Provide a free, welcoming and private space for your group to meet and discuss books on a regular basis. Contact your local library to book a space.

  • Set you up with a free, special library account so you can borrow more books.

  • Publish your meeting dates on your local library page, and the library manager can pass on details about the next book you’re reading.

Setting up a group checklist

  • Who will attend the reading group - you could advertise for members, or keep it to a small group of friends.

  • How often you want to meet as a group - it could be once a week, or once a month. Make sure everyone has enough time to read the book.

  • Where the group will meet - some groups meet at the same venue every month, others ask its members to take turns to host the group. You can host your group meeting for free at your local library.

  • How the meetings will be structured - you can keep the discussion to an informal chat, or you can set questions about the book in advance.

  • Decide who will organise the book group - which members will send out meeting details, organise the venue etc. You can also set up a blog, newsletter or email list to keep group members updated.

Choosing books for a group

You could specialise in a genre, such as crime or romance, or you could read books you otherwise would not try. You could draw up a list of books you want to read at the beginning of the year or take in turns choosing. 

Library staff can help you select your books and reserve copies to be collected from your local library.

Book club favourites

For reading ideas, check out our book club favourites. These titles are all available to reserve to your local library, and you can request several copies for all members in your group.

Browse our top picks

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