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Summer Reading Challenge

How to take part in the challenge

Read through tips on how to take part in the challenge and some of our frequently asked questions.

Sign-ups open on 16 July. You can sign up in libraries anytime over the summer holidays.

Find your nearest library.

The challenge is open to all children aged 4-11 regardless of reading level. Our friendly staff and volunteers will help them find books and get them started on their reading adventure.

For each of the six books they read, they can collect a prize from the library. If they complete the challenge, they'll also receive a special cerficiate!

Do I need a library card to take part in the challenge?

Yes, you or your child would need to have a library card to take part. This is so you can keep a record of their progress.

Joining the library is free, and you can sign up for a library card by:

Does my child need to read the books from the library?

Ideally the challenge will involve reading books from the library.

We want to encourage families to visit their local libraries. However, if they already own a book that would be appropriate for the challenge they can read that as well.

How do we track reading the books?

Your child can talk to one of our volunteers in the library to reflect on what they have read and how they found the challenge. The volunteer will record that book.

They don't have to answer any questions if they don't want to. We just want to make sure they’ve engaged with the challenge.

Which libraries take part?

All libraries across Suffolk will be taking part. You can sign up for the challenge at any of them.

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