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Literacy, Books and Reading Team for Schools

The Literacy, Books and Reading Team for Schools support the curriculum and reading by offering a variety of services to support schools throughout Suffolk:

  • Topic boxes
  • Collections of books for your library and/or classroom
  • Artefact box loans
  • Advisory librarian support
  • Area meetings for school library staff (primary, middle and high/upper)
  • Training days for high school librarians
  • Book groups for primary staff
  • Inter-school Book Mastermind competition for years 7-9
  • Teacher library cards for school staff to use in any Suffolk public library.

Order forms

Topic boxes

20 books to support the curriculum.

Artefact boxes

A box of up to 8 related/themed artefacts to support curriculum topics. Each box is loaned for a term.

Classroom collections

Loans of 30 fiction and non-fiction books/resources per class to support reading for pleasure. Large print and dual language available.


Send any enquiries about the above services to

Existing customers are advised to contact Maxine Williams, resources manager, to order topic boxes and exchange resources they have on loan at

Contact the business manager for the Literacy, Books and Reading Team, Louise Shepherd, at

We welcome visitors at 24 Hadenham Road, South Lowestoft Industrial Estate, Lowestoft, NR33 7NF. Please call us in advance of your visit on 01502 512816.