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Children’s homework

Get ahead with your children’s homework with these quality, trustworthy resources.

Britannica for children

Colourful, interactive and age-appropriate version of the popular online encyclopaedia.

Visit Britannica for Children.

Britannica for students

Edition of the popular encyclopaedia aimed at older children and young teens, featuring topical articles, images and videos, biographies and primary sources across a range of topics.

Visit Britannica for students.

BBC Bitesize

BBC's free online study resource for school children. Includes learning resources for Key Stages 1-3 as well as GCSE subjects.

Visit BBC Bitesize for primary school children (3-11).

Visit BBC Bitesize for secondary school children (11-16).

Oxford Owl

Help your child excel in reading, English and maths with free resources for ages 3-11.

Visit Oxford Owl