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Starting school or nursery

Written by · Published Jun 5, 2018

To reserve any of the following books for parents/carers and children about starting school or nursery to your local library, click on the links to reserve them from our online catalogue, visit any of our libraries, or contact us on 01473 351249 or help@suffolklibraries.co.uk

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I’m Starting Nursery, by Marion Cocklico

“A practical and fun first experiences book for toddlers about starting nursery - with parent and carer tips.”

Alfie at Nursery School, by Shirley Hughes

“Alfie loves Nursery School - and so does Annie Rose. She can’t wait to go there with him - in fact she’s so desperate to join in that she gets Alfie into a very sticky situation in this collection of nursery school tales. Join Alfie as he navigates playground games and special concerts in this heartwarming book.”

Mr Men go to School, by Adam & Roger Hargreaves

“Little Miss Tiny is going to school and some of the other Mr Men and Little Miss with a few things to learn are joining her! How will Mr Muddle get on with maths and will Mr Messy create a work of art in painting?”

I Love My Teacher, by Giles Andreae & Emma Dodd

“A colourful, fun-filled picture book all about school! Put your coat on the hook, play with friends and join in all the day’s activities. Start with show and tell, reading and writing, then playtime, making things and singing. Teacher makes sure every school day is the best!

“This sweet and simple story follows a typical school day - from morning hellos to hometime.”

Stuff to Know when you Start School, by Hélène Hilton

“Learn all the super-important life skills you need to become a big boy or girl with this ultimate guide to being a toddler and starting school.”

Billy and the Big New School, by Catherine & Laurence Anholt

“Billy’s due to start at a new school, but is full of worries. A few days before the new term, he rescues a baby bird and nurses him back to health. In doing so, he realises that he too can face big challenges.”

All You Need to Know Before You Start School, by Felicity Brooks & Marina Aizen

“This work follows five animal friends who have just started school to provide a gentle and humorous introduction to the school day, from getting dressed in the morning to home time. This is all carefully interspersed with early years educational concepts such as shapes, colours, opposites, numbers, weather and seasons, senses, nature words and letter recognition.”

Betsy Goes to School, by Helen Stephens

“Betsy is excited about doing new things. Today is her first day at school, but when she arrives with Daddy and Rufus the dog, it’s very noisy and she doesn’t know anyone. Betsy doesn’t want Daddy to go and she holds on to his buttons.

“But who is the little girl playing tea parties by herself in her very own pretend café? A new friend for Betsy perhaps?”

First Day at Bug School, by Sam Lloyd

“At the bottom of the garden where no one really sees, a secret school is hidden amongst the grass and weeds. Welcome to Bug School. Don’t be nervous on your first day - it’s lots of fun. Learn creeping with the spiders, singing with the crickets, count spots with the ladybirds and hop, skip and jump in P.E. with the fleas.

“This is a rhythmic, bright celebration of school, starring some very cute bugs indeed, sure to allay first-day-at-school fears.”

Hugless Douglas goes to Little School, by David Melling

“Douglas is very excited to be going to little school. There is so much to do - and lots of hugs to be given out!”

I Am Too Absolutely Small for School, by Lauren Child

“Although Lola agrees with her brother that it would be useful to learn how to write, read and count, she can’t go to school because her invisible friend’s too nervous to go.

“This title in the Charlie and Lola series deals sympathetically with children’s fears surrounding the first day at school.”

Starting School, by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

“A classic picture book which offers advice and enjoyment for the whole family before school starts. From first day nerves to finding your peg, this reassuring read is full of humour and fun for children and parents alike.”

Starting School, by Clara Vulliamy

“It’s an exciting morning on Sugar Lump Lane. The ten Tinies are getting ready for a big adventure - their first day at school! But the Tiny twins aren’t so sure they like the idea - they’d rather stay at home.

“This is a story about first day at school worries, told with warmth and humour.”

Never Take a Bear to School, by Mark Sperring & Britta Teckentrup

“Bears are clumsy. They don’t sit still. They’re much, much bigger than teachers - and they eat SUCH a lot of lunch!

“Yes, taking a bear to school is a BAD idea. But will this little boy find the courage to face the first day of school alone? With so much to do, like painting, dressing up, storytime, and making new friends, he just might! And Bear? He’ll always be waiting at the end of the day, with a great big hug!”

I Don’t Want to go to School, by Stephanie Blake

“Once upon a time there was a mischievous little rabbit. Maybe you know him. When his mother said ‘tomorrow is your first day of school, little rabbit!’, he replid ‘no, not going’.”

Sophie Green

Sophie Green

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