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New children's books for October 2019

Written by · Published Sep 30, 2019

The Star Outside My Window, Oi Puppies!, Michelle Obama

Board books

Ten Little Engines

“Ten little engines steaming down the track. “How many engines will come puffing back?!

“Children will love joining in counting the engines and spotting who has disappeared as you share the rhyming story in this colourful and fun board book. Perfect for early counting and number recognition.”

100 First Dinosaur Words, by DK

“Meet mighty Tyrannosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Triceratops, and more! More than 40 amazing dinosaurs are clearly labelled, with helpful pronunciation guides for their names, as well as other prehistoric creatures, dinosaur body parts, their eggs and babies, habitats, and skeletons. From the biggest and smallest dinosaurs and well known meat eaters and plant eaters, to spiky, armoured dinosaurs, flying pterosaurs, giant fossil finds, and incredible prehistoric lands, this book covers everything little ones love about these awesome creatures.”

Goodnight Ocean, by Becky Davies & Carmen Saldaña

“Say goodnight to a magical underwater land! Learn about sleeping sea creatures as you swim over carpets of coral to the deepest depths of the ocean. This book combines facts and fun, with a gentle rhyming text that’s perfect for bedtime.”

Are You There Little Owl?, by Sam Taplin & Essi Kimpmäki

Another addition for the successful series, by the author of the Poppy and Sam books.

Picture books

Oi Puppies!, by Kes Gray & Jim Field

Another title for the brilliant series, following Oi Duck-billed Platypus!

“Dog is looking after some puppies. Quite a few puppies, actually, and none of them will sit! Not even on guppies, like they’re supposed to! They’re getting a little out of hand. But luckily Frog’s got a cunning plan…”

Kai and the Monkey King, by Joe Todd-Stanton

The third volume of Brownstone’s Mythical Collection.

“When Kai grows tired of her bookish mum not being adventurous enough for a Brownstone, she decides to seek out the mischievous and rebellious Monkey King - who she’s always been told to stay away from. Will he bring her the adventure she craves, or will he cause her more trouble than he’s worth?”

Izzy Gizmo and the Invention Convention, by Pip Jones & Sara Ogilvie

The second adventure for the young scientist. The first Izzy Gizmo is also available as a board book this month.

“Izzy Gizmo has been invited to Technoff Isle’s Genius Convention where the inventor of the best machine will win coveted admittance to the Genius Guild. But with fearsome foe Abi von Lavish getting the best of her at every turn, how can Izzy and Fixer come up with the winning invention?”

Adventures in Moominvalley, by Amanda Li & Tove Jansson

Moomin stories based on the new animated series.

“Set in beautiful Moominvalley, this is a colourful collection of nine adventure stories about Moomintroll and his family - in which the Moomins and their friends encounter the hattifatteners, capture a dragon, unexpectedly move house, and meet the mysterious Groke.”

The Button Book, by Sally Nicholls & Bethan Woollvin

Debut picture book from the author of Things a Bright Girl Can Do and illustrator of Hansel & Gretel.

“Here’s a button. I wonder what happens when you press it? From a singing button to a tickle button, from a rude sound button to a mysterious white button, there’s only one way to find out what they do.”

My Monster and Me, by Nadiya Hussain & Ella Bailey

Picture book debut from the GBBO winner, successful cookbook creator and TV personality.

“A touching story about a little boy whose worry monster follows him everywhere he goes. It’s there when he gets dressed, when he wants to play with his toys, and even when his friends come over to visit. How can he escape his worries?”

You’re Strong with Me, by Chitra Soundar & Poonam Mistry

Third title in the sequence, following You’re Snug with Me and You’re Safe with Me.

“The rain clouds are long gone and the dry season scorches the land. Everything is new for the baby giraffe. As she bounds ahead and lags behind, her mother patiently explains the ways of the grasslands. And until she grows a little taller, older, and wiser, he mother reminds her: ‘You’re strong with me.’”

Moon and Me: The Little Seed, by Andy Davenport & Mariko Umeda

Based on the CBeebies TV show.

“Inspired by tales of toys that come to life when no one is looking, this series tells the comical story of a special friendship between two characters - Pepi Nana and Moon Baby. In this fully illustrated original book from Andy Davenport, readers will discover how Peip Nana meets Moon Baby and all the toys wake up for an adventure.”

The Snow Dragon, by Abi Elphinstone & Fiona Woodcock

First picture book from the author of Rumblestar and Sky Song.

“When the first snow of winter falls, Phoebe watches it from her bedroom in Griselda Bone’s Home For Strays, wishing that the snow will bring with it some much-needed magic. However, in Griselda Bone’s orphanage magic is banned, along with daydreaming and doodling, and Phoebe’s day goes from bad to worse.

“But just when she’s about to give up hope, a Snow Dragon appears and whisks her away on an adventure, and maybe, just maybe, there’s enough magic to save Phoebe.”

Graphics and picture books for older readers

Asterix and the Chieftain’s Daughter: Album 38, by Jean-Yves Ferri & Didier Conrad

A new action-packed adventure for Asterix and Obelix.

White Bird, by R. J. Palacio

“To the millions of readers who fell in love with R.J. Palacio’s Wonder, Julian is best-known as Auggie Pullman’s classroom bully. White Bird reveals a new side to Julian’s story, as Julian discovers the moving and powerful tale of his grandmother, who was hidden from the Nazis as a young Jewish girl in occupied France during the Second World War.”

Junior novels

Frostheart, by Jamie Littler

Debut novel from the illustrator of Danny Wallace’s Hamish and the Worldstoppers series. This is being pitched as How to Train Your Dragon meets Frozen.

“Way out in the furthest part of the known world, a tiny stronghold exists all on its own, cut off from the rest of human-kin by monsters that lurk beneath the Snow Sea. There, a little boy called Ash waits for the return of his parents, singing a forbidden lullaby to remind him of them - and doing his best to avoid his very, very grumpy yeti guardian, Tobu.

“But life is about to get a whole lot more crazy-adventurous for Ash. When a brave rescue attempt reveals he has amazing magical powers, he’s whisked aboard the Frostheart, a sleigh packed full of daring explorers who could use his help. But can they help him find his family?”

Flember: the secret book, by Jamie Smart

Debut illustrated novel from the creator of the hilarious Bunny vs Monkey comics.

“Meet our brilliant hero Dev: inventor of the insanely smelly cheese-powered rocket boots, the washtopus, bee energy, and many more things that drive his mum and brother crazy! One day he finds a secret book and his wild experiments start to go even more wrong than usual.”

We are the Beaker Girls, by Jacqueline Wilson & Nick Sharratt

Sequel to My Mum Tracy Beaker.

“Jess and Tracy Beaker have found happiness in The Dumping Ground. Not that Dumping Ground - the children’s home that Tracy grew up in - but a seaside antique shop full of treasures, along with Flo, the owner, and Alfie, their dog. Jess is looking for a fantastic new boyfriend for her mum (mostly because Tracy’s awful ex Sean is back on the scene). But Jess has bigger problems of her own - she’s being picked on by a local kid who’s got it in for her. But when Jess uncovers the truth about her new enemy, it means big changes for the Beaker Girls.”

The Star Outside My Window, by Onjali Rauf

New book from the author of the acclaimed, award-winning The Boy at the Back of the Class.

“10 year old Aniyah is living in foster care because her mum has died. But Aniyah knows that her mum isn’t truly gone - like all the people with the largest hearts, she’s been turned into a star. So when a new star is spotted acting strangely in the sky, and The Royal Observatory in Greenwich opens a competition to name it, Aniyah knows she has to win the competition - so she can name the star for her mum. But with thousands of entrants in the competition, Aniyah will have to do something to make her entry stand out - so starts the biggest adventure of her life, one that involves a midnight bike ride, a mischievous scurry of squirrels and the biggest star in Hollywood.”

The Taylor Turbochaser, by David Baddiel

“The Taylor Turbochaser is a road-trip rollercoaster… with a twist.

“At its heart is the unforgettable Amy Taylor. Amy loves cars, and dreams of being a driver. But there’s a major catch: her slow old wheelchair with its broken wheel. When Amy finally gets a new electric one, it’s exciting… at first.

“But standard engines only have so much power. And that’s where Rahul comes in – Amy’s best friend and genius inventor. Soon Rahul turns a wheelchair into… a supercar!

“And so the Taylor Turbochaser is born. But when it all goes suddenly wrong Amy is going to have to hit the road – and drive…”

The Tyrant’s Tomb, by Rick Riordan

Fourth title in the Trials of Apollo, the Percy Jackson spin-off series.

“The former God Apollo, cast out by his father, Zeus, is having a pretty rough time of it.

“Well, for one thing, he’s called Lester. But being an awkward mortal teenager is the least of his worries.

“Though he and his friends (some of them) have emerged from the Burning Maze, rescued the Oracle and lived to fight another day, they can’t escape the tragedy that has befallen them, or the terrible trials still to face.

“So, with heavy heart, Apollo (OK, Lester) and Meg have a triumvirate still to defeat, oracles to rescue, and prophecies to decipher, so that the world may be saved, and Lester may ascend into the heavens to become Apollo once again.

“But, right now, Caligula is sailing to San Francisco to deal with Camp Jupiter personally, and they have to get their first. Or risk its destruction…”

The Great Brain Robbery, by P. G. Bell & Flavia Sorrentino

Sequel to The Train to Impossible Places: a cursed delivery.

“Suzy can’t wait to return to the Union of Impossible Places on the Impossible Postal Express. But when she arrives, she overhears a dastardly plan to destroy Trollville from a shadowy and unexpected villain.”

Dork Diaries: Spectacular Supertar, by Rachel Renée Russell

Fourteenth title in the popular series.

“Nikki Maxwell and her bandmates are looking forward to an AWESOME time on tour as the opening act for the world famous Bad Boyz! The only downside? Nikki’s frenemy, MacKenzie Hollister, has weaselled her way onto the tour as a social media guru…

“Nikki’s determined to stay out of MacKenzie’s way to avoid any drama, but then she learns that MacKenzie is going to be her roommate! TOTAL DISASTER! Will Nikki survive her dream tour as it quickly goes from AWESOME to AWFUL?!”

Beyond Platform 13, by Sibéal Pounder & Beatriz Castro

Sequel to Eva Ibbotson’s classic The Secret of Platform 13 from the author of the Bad Mermaids series.

“Nine years after the events of The Secret of Platform 13, The Island of Mist is under siege and Odge Gribble and Prince Ben are in hiding. Desperate to find out why the mist is disappearing, Odge travels through the gump to Vienna, to find a mistmaker expert. But in yet another case of mistaken identity, Odge finds Lena, a nine-year-old girl looking for adventure.

“With the help of friends old and new, and some very interesting magic, Odge and Lena must find out why the mist is disappearing, before they lose their beloved island completely.”

The Somerset Tsunami, by Emma Carroll

Another historical tale from the author of Secrets of a Sun King.

“The year is 1607. When a catastrophic flood hits the Somerset coast, young sailor-in-disguise Fortune gets the blame. Locals are convinced witchcraft is at work. And Fortune - who is secretive, suspiciously good at swimming and, to everyone’s surprise, a girl - is an obvious scapegoat. Even saving the life of her rival’s only son doesn’t clear her name. If anything, it makes matters worse.”

The Impossible Boy, by Ben Brooks

“When Oleg and Emma invent a new classmate called Sebastian, they are amazed when he appears - very much real - in their secret den.

“Sebastian isn’t like the rest of their classmates. He’s never eaten pizza, he’s not sure what goose bumps are, and he has a satchel that seems to hold an endless supply of hot ice cream.

“But as the trio begin their adventures, more impossible things keep happening, from a runaway goat appearing at school to a sighting of some snowwomen walking down the road. Things soon take a turn for the dangerous when the three friends are pursued by the mysterious Institute of Unreality, who want to capture and erase Sebastian, restoring order to the world.

“With the help of a cowboy gardener, an imprisoned scientist, and the rest of their class, can Emma and Oleg protect their new friend and keep the magic of the impossible alive, just in time for Christmas?”

Amelia Fang and the Great Yeti Mystery, by Laura Ellen Anderson

Fifth in the series.

“When Amelia’s best friend Florence discovers her yeti pit home is going to be knocked down, Amelia is devastated. It would cost too many moon-coins to stop the friends having to move away from each other. But whilst searching through some boxes before the big move, Amelia and the gang discover an ancient old map that once belonged to Florence’s great great great great great grand yeti Ernest Spudwick. And on that map is a network of secret tunnels leading to what looks like hidden treasure. Could this be the answer to keeping all the friends together?”


The Ladybird Big Book of Dead Things, by Ned Hartley & Binny

A humorous and informative book about dead things like stars, dinosaurs and Ancient Egyptian mummies.

Minecraft Maps: an explorer’s guide to Minecraft

“Are you ready for an adventure? Explore the mysterious world of Minecraft through highly-detailed maps of every biome. Created by an explorer on a quest to find Minecraft’s most valuable loot, there’s a map for each Overworld biome as well as the terrifying Nether and End dimensions.

“A beautifully illustrated visual guide in its own right, Minecraft Maps is also a survival tool. You’ll learn which biomes are home to the most dangerous mobs, where to look for to exclusive blocks, how to find naturally generated structures and the best places to search for loot. Once you’ve discovered each biome you can get building - construct an ice palace in the ice plains biome and an entire village suspended in the tree canopy above the jungle floor.”

World of the Unknown: Ghosts, by Christopher Maynard

With an introduction from Reece Shearsmith, this 1977 title is being re-issued following a big social media campaign from Usborne and is likely to be enjoyed by nostalgic adults as well as spook-loving kids.

Poems from a Green and Blue Planet, by Sabrina Mahfouz (ed.)

“A stunning collection of new and classic poems from around the world celebrating the diversity of life on our green and blue planet, to be shared with all the family. With new poems from Raymond Antrobus, Mona Arshi, Kate Tempest, Hollie McNish and Sabrina Mahfouz, dive into this book and be swept away on a journey around our green and blue planet, from the peak of the snowiest mountaintop to the bottom of the deepest, bluest ocean. Meet the birds circling its skies and the beasts prowling its plains; meet the people toiling in its fields and forests, and those living at the top of city tower blocks.”

High-five to the Hero: 15 favourite fairytales retold with boy power, by Vita Murrow & Julia Bereciartu

“Meet King Arthur, who rules by listening to others, and Prince Charming, who really wishes people wouldn’t typecast him, in this stereotype-busting follow-up to Power to the Princess. Focused on issues including self-image, confidence, LGBTQ, friendship, advocacy and disability, these stories are perfect for sharing between parents and children, or for older heroes and heroines to read by themselves.”

The Golden Unicorn: secrets and legends, by Selwyn E. Phipps et al

“The Magical Unicorn Society is the official authority on the secrets and legends behind these elusive creatures. Now, they’ve opened their doors once again, and invite unicorn lovers to enjoy 8 new enchanting tales featuring the magical unicorn families. Discover more of the lore about the unicorns, the workings of the Magical Unicorn Society, and find out which guardian unicorn protects you.”

Michelle Obama: the fantastically feminist (and totally true) story of the inspirational activist and campaigner, by Ann Doherty

“Meet the marvellous Michelle Obama: A+ student, passionate piano player, and a girl who’s not afraid to dream big. Determined to make the world a better place, the grown up Michelle gets to work in helping the community in whatever way she can. But then she meets and falls in love with Barack Obama, who is equally passionate about changing the world and who tells her he wants to become the first African American President of the United States, Michelle knows it’s time to really find her voice.”

The Story of the London Underground, by David Long & Sarah McMenemy

From the author of Rescue, Heroes and Survivors, published in association with Transport for London.

“When the first passengers climbed aboard the earliest ever underground train in 1863, it would have been impossible to imagine how the London Underground would change and grow over the next 150 years. From smelly steam trains running along a single track to the innovative electric tube system speeding through a vast network of tunnels beneath our feet today, the London Underground keeps this busy city on the move. This title tells the extraordinary history of the world’s most famous underground railway. Explore Victorian London as the Brunels dig deep under the Thames, take refuge in the tunnels during World War II and discover which world leader’s bath was found in an abandoned station.”

Lost Species, by Jess French & Daniel Long

“From the awe-inspiring woolly mammoth and the ferocious Spinosaurus to the shy Chinese river dolphin and incredibly rare Pinta Island tortoise ‘Lonesome George’, meet 35 extinct species and discover how these creatures came under threat. Featuring additional information on ‘Lazarus species’ (animals declared extinct but which, amazingly, have been rediscovered in the wild), and mass extinction events, including the part we are playing in endangering our wildlife, the book shows young readers that extinction is not simply a part of ancient history - it is happening right now across the planet - but that if we all make some small changes to our lifestyles, our wonderful species can be saved.”

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