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New children's books for November 2018

Written by · Published Oct 30, 2018

The Snow Queen, 100 Things to Know About Numbers, Computers & Coding, Through the Water Curtain

Board books

That’s Not My Llama…, by Fiona Watt & Rachel Wells

The ever-popular collection continues apace.

The Snow Queen, by Anna Milbourne & George Ermos

“Bring the magical story of the Snow Queen to life with this stunning peep inside book. Can Gerda save her best friend from the icy clutches of the Snow Queen? Scenes include flowery gardens, spooky forests and the Snow Queen’s icy palace, with delicate cutaways and holes to peep through creating a magical filigree effect.”

Goodnight, Bing

“Join Bing as he says goodnight to his favourite things in this enchanting touch-and-feel book!”

What Is Snow?, by Katie Daynes & Marta Alvarez Miguens

“This flap book explores the magic of snow, from a fresh flurry in the garden to the icy north and south poles. Unfurl a giant slowflake, reveal footprints in the snow, discover what else you can do with snow and follow a simple water cycle to see where snow goes when it melts.”

Picture books

You’re Snug with Me, by Soundar Chitra & Poonam Mistry

Companion title to You’re Safe with Me.

“At the start of winter, two bear cubs are born, deep in their den in the frozen north. ‘Mama, what lies beyond here?’ they ask. ‘Above us is a land of ice and snow.’ ‘What lies beyond the ice and snow?’ they ask. ‘The ocean, full of ice from long ago.’ And as they learn the secrets of the earth and their place in it, Mama Bear whispers, ‘You’re snug with me.’”

Once Upon a Snowstorm, by Richard Johnson

This is being compared to Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman.

“A father and his son live by themselves in a cosy cabin in the woods. But, one day they are separated out in the beautifully falling snow. The boy is lost and falls asleep. When he wakes up he is surrounded by blinking eyes, a rabbit, a fox, an owl and all manner of other creatures have surrounded him! With a bear hug he and the woodland animals become best of friends!

“But soon he misses his dad and so the animals bring him back home. The father opens up his heart and home, and lets nature and love envelop their previously lonely existence.”

There’s a Dinosaur on the 13th Floor, by Wade Bradford & Kevin Hawkes

“Mr Snore checks into a hotel room, only to discover that the room is already occupied - by a mouse! So the porter moves him up a floor to a new room. Alas, that room seems to be occupied too. Mr Snore gets moved, one floor at a time, until the porter has run out of options for his guest. Why? Because there is absolutely no way anyone should ever go to the top floor - the 13th floor.”

Lots of Frogs, by Howard Calvert & Claudia Boldt

From the illustrator of Odd Dog.

“Tommy Fox has a box - a box full of frogs. And when they all jump out at school, that’s when the fun begins! There is chaos in the classroom and high jinks in the hall. Can Tommy get the frogs back in the box?”

Penguinaut!, by Marcie Colleen & Emma Yarlett

“Orville lives at the zoo, surrounded by animal pals who go on exciting adventures. Orville struggles to keep up, so one day he concocts an adventure all his own: build a spaceship and fly to the moon. Can one tiny penguin get there alone? Or will Orville find that sometimes you need a little help from your friends?”

The Thing(s), by Petronela Dostalova

“Thing lives a simple life with a cactus and a moose shadow puppet for company. Thing is happy by itself, so how will it react when another ‘Thing’ appears?

“A laugh-out-loud story about friendship, with a subtle message about prejudice.”

Frockodile, by Jeanne Willis & Steph Laberis

“Celebrating acceptance and being who you really are, this joyful story is about Cliff, the crocodile who wants to wear a dress.

“When the hyenas laugh at Cliff, he pretends he’s dressing up for a play. But no play exists! Luckily his friend Freddy comes to the rescue and creates a show for Cliff to star in. But what will his dad say when he sees him?

“A funny story about inclusion and supporting your friends and family illustrated with exuberance.”

Short chapter books

The Ice Swans, by Anne Booth & Rosie Butcher

“When Maya receives a special colouring book - ‘The Magical Kingdom of Birds’ - she is transported to a beautiful realm filled with magnificent birds and their fairy friends. But the Kingdom is in trouble, wicked Lord Astor has frozen the Diamond Lake and turned its beautiful swans into ice statues. Can Maya, with the help of her friends Willow and Patch, break the enchantment and save the day?”

Happy Howlidays!, by James Patterson, Steven Butler & Richard Watson

Second spin off to the Middle School series.

“Hello, my furless friend!

“Are you ready for a festive adventure?

“Join me, Junior Catch-A-Doggy-Bone, and my doggy pals on the poochiest, most barktastic journey through the Howliday Season.

“We’ll learn all about Fangs Giving, Crisp-Mouth and the mysterious Saint Lick.

“Find out why people called Carol come and sing outside the front door.

“And why trees suddenly appear inside your kennel!”

Picture books for older readers

Cicada, by Shaun Tan

An allegory of modern corporate life from one of the world’s most exciting illustrators and storytellers.

“Cicada works in an office, dutifully working day after day for unappreciative bosses and being bullied by his co-workers. But one day, something truly extraordinary happens.”

The Wind in the Willows, by Kenneth Grahame & Grahame Baker-Smith

New edition illustrated by the Greenaway winning Baker-Smith (FArThER).

Where’s Mickey?

A search and find book in celebration of Mickey’s 90th(!) birthday.

Junior novels

The Afterwards, by A. F. Harrold & Emily Gravett

New title from the team behind The Imaginary.

“Ember and Ness are best friends. Then Ness dies. It is sudden and unexpected and leaves Ember completely empty. How can this be?

“When Ember finds a way into the Afterworld, she determines to bring Ness back. Because that’s what friends do isn’t it? They rescue each other. They help. They never give up.”

Wundersmith: the calling of Morrigan Crow, by Jessica Townsend

Sequel to Nevermoor.

“Imagination, discovery and friendship await Morrigan Crow when she escapes her deadly curse and joins the Wundrous Society. It promises her protection and belonging for life - but then Morrigan doesn’t receive the welcome she hoped for…

“Morrigan is a much-feared Wundersmith. So, instead of the Society helping Morrigan to embrace her power, she is only taught that all Wundersmiths are evil and she must suppress her mysterious ability at all costs.

“To make things worse, Nevermoor is quickly turning from a place of safety into one of danger. Society members are going missing, someone is blackmailing Morrigan’s new friends, turning them against her. And Ezra Squall, the evillest man who ever lived, is determined to lure Morrigan from the Society by promising to reveal the true nature of the Wunder that calls to her, which is becoming ever harder to resist…

“Has Morrigan’s dream of escaping her cursed life ended before it truly began?”

Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter, by Astrid Lindgren

From the author of Pippi Longstocking, this title has been re-released with new artwork to tie in the with the TV series by the formidable Studio Ghibli now available on Amazon Prime.

The Secret in Vault 13, by David Solomons

From the author of My Brother is a Superhero

“The Doctor has never faced a challenge quite like this. In the coldest spot in the universe is the Galactic Seed Vault. For generations it has existed to store and preserve examples of plant seeds from across the galaxy, ensuring that in the event of planetary catastrophe, the seeds will survive. And at its heart lies a secret. Vault 13.

“Unopened for millions of years, no one is sure what it contains. There are rumours of a great treasure, and a terrible weapon. Now the Doctor and her companions are in a race with an ancient order known as the Gardeners of Tellus to unlock the vault. Whoever gains access first will discover the horrifying secret of the Genesis Seed.”

Explorers on Witch Mountain, by Alex Bell & Tomislav Tomic

Sequel to The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club.

“Stella Starflake Pearl is eagerly anticipating her next expedition. Suddenly disaster strikes when Stella’s father, Felix, is snatched by a fearsome witch. Stella must bring her magic ice princess tiara to Witch Mountain or she will never see Felix again! But no one ever returns from Witch Mountain.

“Stella, Ethan, Shay, Beanie and reluctant Jungle Cat explorer, Percival, set off into the unknown. They will face terrifying bat caves, poisonous apple groves, outraged vultures, argumentative mushrooms and deranged broomsticks in their quest to rescue Felix.”

War is Over, by David Almond & David Litchfield

“Newcastle, 1918. It seems like the war could last forever. John’s an ordinary Tyneside lad and he’s desperate for peace. His dad is fighting in the trenches and his mam works in the town’s munitions factory, the biggest in the world.

“John meets a German boy, Jan, who is just like himself; they play war games in the woods beyond the town, and see the ugliness of weapons contrasting with the beauty of the world around them. John dreams of a better, more beautiful world. His dreams will speak to all of us, and his questions resonate with children of today. Is war ever really over? Why do children see the truths from which adults seem to hide? Why do we need wars at all?”

The Doldrums and the Helmsley Curse, by Nicholas Gannon

“After two years, Archer B. Helmsley’s famous explorer grandparents are finally coming home. They had been missing - abandoned on an iceberg - and Archer and his best friends, Adélaïde L. Belmont and Oliver Grub led an adventurous mission to rescue them.

“Archer is overjoyed by his grandparents’ return. However, he seems to be the only one. Rumours begin to surface that Archer’s grandparents weren’t abandoned after all. People are claiming that they made it all up. Well, Archer knows those rumours are false, and with the help of his best friends and new neighbour, Kana, he is going to prove it. Off the foursome set, into a snowstorm and beyond, to restore his grandparents’ reputation.”

The Ice Monster, by David Walliams & Tony Ross

“When Elsie, an orphan on the streets of Victorian London, hears about the mysterious Ice Monster - a woolly mammoth found at the North Pole - she’s determined to discover more. A chance encounter brings Elsie face to face with the creature, and sparks the adventure of a lifetime - from London to the heart of the Arctic!”

The Boy in the Dress, by David Walliams & Quentin Blake and Grandpa’s Great Escape, by David Walliams & Tony Ross

Full-colour hardback editions to mark Walliams’ 10th year in children’s books.


Through the Water Curtain and other tales from around the world, by Cornelia Funke (ed.)

An anthology of 13 fairy tales from around the world selected by the author of ]Inkheart and Reckless.

Little Leaders: visionary women around the world, by Vashti Harrison

“Meet the little leaders. They’re brave. They’re bold. They changed the world.

“Featuring the true stories of 40 inspirational women creators - from writers to inventors, artists to scientists - this book is as inspirational as it is educational. Readers will meet trailblazing women such as revolutionary architect, Zaha Hadid, actor/inventor Hedy Lamarr, environmental activist Wangari Maathai, modernist painter and animator Mary Blair and physicist Chien-Shiung Wu. Some names will be familiar, some will not - but all these women had a lasting impact on their fields.”

100 Things to Know about Numbers, Computers & Coding, by Federico Mariani & Parko Polo

“When was the webcam invented and why? Do imaginary numbers exist? What is fuzzy logic? Find the answers these questions about the amazing world of numbers, computers and coding, along with loads of other curious, amazing and mind-boggling facts, in this eye-catching book that is absolutely bursting with information.”

A World of Discovery, by James Brown & Richard Platt

“In the stylish miscellany, print-maker James Brown travels through the past and present, showing the amazing breakthroughs in science and technology that have changed our lives for ever. Discover fascinating facts and figures about space travel, the human body, time, the computer and much more with Brown’s bold, bright colours and beautiful contemporary designs. Each illustration is presented alongside an engaging fact-filled explanation by celebrated author Richard Platt.”

Fantastic Beasts: the crimes of Grindelwald: the original screenplay, by J. K. Rowling

“At the end of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald was captured in New York with the help of Newt Scamander. But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escapes custody and sets about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings.

“In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans, Albus Dumbledore enlists Newt, his former Hogwarts student, who agrees to help once again, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest friends and family, in an increasingly divided wizarding world.

“This second original screenplay from J.K. Rowling, illustrated with stunning line art from MinaLima, expands on earlier events that helped shaped the wizarding world, with some surprising nods to the Harry Potter stories that will delight fans of both the books and films.”

Rebel Cats! Brave tales of feisty felines, by Kimberlie Hamilton

“A collection about cats who are the heroes of their own stories, Rebel Cats introduces us to fur-raising facts and adventures from around the world and across the centuries. Read profiles of over 30 real-life felines, including WWII heroes, courageous adventurers, a Guinness World Record holder and even an astrocat that travelled in space (and made it back to Earth to tell the tale). Plus tons of information on cat activism, feline myths and much more.”

Art and How It Works

“This enticing introduction to art appreciation for children looks at art history, themes in art, and art techniques - from cave paintings to modern art. Children will learn to step back, think, and look at art in a new way.”

Space Shuttles and Airships, by Kirsty Holmes

“Learn to fly at the Sty in the Sky! Calling all new recruits! Piggles, your expert instructor for all things aviation, is here to teach you everything you need to know about flying machines. Get off the ground and navigate the skies in a variety of aircraft. From the basics (how things go up!) to tips and tricks (and ejector seats), learn all about aircraft and earn your Pink Wings!”

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