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The 12 Days of Christmas, by Pilgrim Lee

Written by · Published Dec 1, 2017

Every day until Christmas Eve, stock librarian Sophie will recommend one of our brilliant new Christmas books for children. Today’s book is The 12 Days of Christmas, by Pilgrim Lee.

The 12 Days of Christmas

“Pilgrim Lee’s beautiful illustrations of a classic song provide the perfect holiday read for your child.

“With a partidge in a pear tree on page one, two turtle doves on page two, and three French hens on page three, Pilgrim Lee’s standout artwork, reminiscent of Pat Hutchins, is a beautiful take on the classic Christmas song that has always captivated children during the holiday season.”

Sophie Green

Sophie Green

I work for the Suffolk Libraries stock team. I also write children’s fiction, short stories and comedy. Visit my website.