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Settle down with BookTrust's best bedtime books

Written by · Published Apr 16, 2018

Sweet Dreams Peter, Goodnight Tiger

BookTrust’s Bath, Book, Bed campaign aims to get babies and toddlers to sleep with a simple routine and enchanting stories. They’ve put together a new list of their favourite stories to soothe little ones at bedtime.

Are You Sleeping?, by Constanze von Kitzing

“Little Lion wants to play, but everyone else on the savannah has gone to sleep! Will the mischievous cub find anyone to play with before Mama says it’s time for bed?”

This Bonny Baby, by Michelle Sloan & Kasia Matyjaszek

“Meet the bonny babies who love having fun and getting messy, doing all the things that babies do - playing in the park, finger painting, having dinner - and more, until it’s time for bed. But what does your bonny baby love to do? Look into the mirror to find out!”

Babies Can Sleep Anywhere, by Lisa Wheeler & Carolina Buzio

“This gentle picture book introduces the sleeping habits of many animals - from puppies to whales and compares them to the - sometimes - unusual habits of human babies. In backpacks, on knees, in cradles or trees, sweet babies can sleep anywhere!”

Sweet Dreams Peter, by Beatrix Potter

“‘As you climb into bed, let me give you a hug. Settle down little bunny. You’re warm, safe and snug.’

“This whimsical board book takes you into the world of Beatrix Potter’s animals as they gently fall asleep. It’s a charming introduction to the world of Peter Rabbit.”

Good Day, Good Night, by Margaret Wise Brown & Loren Long

“When the sun comes up and the day begins, the little bunny says good day to all the familiar things outside. To the birds in the skies and the bees in their hives, to everything one by one. And as the sun starts to set, it’s time for the little bunny to say good night. Good night, kitty. Good night, bear. Good night, people everywhere.”

A Brave Bear, by Sean Taylor & Emily Hughes</cite>

“When Dad Bear says, ‘I think a pair of hot bears is probably the hottest thing in the world,’ Little Bear suggests that they go all the way to the river to cool down. But what will happen when Little Bear tries to impress his dad by doing a big jump across the rocks?”

A Recipe for Bedtime, by Peter Bently & Sarah Massini

“Baby, baby soft and sweet, almost good enough to eat! It’s night-night time so come with me, and hear my bedtime recipe.

“A classic baby bedtime book with a perfect lullaby ending.”

If I Had a Dinosaur, by Gabby Dawnay & Alex Barrow

“A little girl dreams of having her very own pet. But what kind of animal would make the best companion? A mouse is too small; a cat is too ordinary; and a fish is too wet!

“As she plays with her toy dinosaur, inspiration strikes. What about a real, live dinosaur? She could ride it to school. It would need lots of food to eat, a swimming pool to drink from, and a dino flap so it could come and go.

“At the end of a day spent busily imagining, the girl trudges up to bed with her little plastic dinosaur. As she falls asleep, the dinosaur from her daydreams stands in the garden with its head poking through the bedroom window, making her dreams come true.”

One Moonlit Night, by Zanna Davidson & Seo Kim

“This illustrated pop-up story will take you on a journey of the imagination like no other. It is a dreamweaving story, bursting with dragons, starlight, and adventure. Just turn the page to enter the magic.”

Superbat, by Matt Carr

“Pat the bat decides to be special - a SUPERBAT! But all his bat friends have amazing hearing. All of them can fly. And all bats can find their way in the dark. Pat is starting to think that he will never stand out - until a family of mice see him for what he really is - a HERO!”

Fairy Magic, by Cerrie Burnell & Laura Ellen Anderson

“When Isabelle meets a fairy called Summer-Blue, she discovers an enchanted world. Isabelle uses a hearing aid and is delighted when she realises that the fairy can talk to her in very special ways. But Isabelle’s family don’t believe in fairies.”

They Say Blue, by Jillian Tamaki

They Say Blue follows a young girl through a year or a day, depending on your perspective, and illuminates where she finds colours in both the world around her and the world beyond what she can see. Egg yolks are sunny orange, yet water cupped in her hands isn’t quite so blue as expected. But maybe a blue whale is blue. She doesn’t know, she hasn’t seen one. But the crows outside her window are just as black as the hair her mother combs each morning.”

Goodnight Tiger, by Timothy Knapman & Laura Hughes

“The animals in Emily’s jungle wallpaper can’t sleep, and they are bellowing and stomping and growling and keeping her awake! ‘Go to sleep!’ shouts Emily. ‘We’ve tried and tried, but can’t!’ says the tiger. So Emily climbs into the wallpaper and shows the animals how to get ready for bed. Only baths and lullabies aren’t quite the same in the jungle!”

Sophie Green

Sophie Green

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