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Our new name is here!

Written by · Published May 9, 2016

There have been some great developments for Suffolk Libraries’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Information Service since I joined in October last year and with plenty more to come, we hope that you will find it easier to access the information and advice you need.

One of the things we decided was to give the service it’s own name and a new logo. We wanted to make it recognisable, whilst still being a core part of Suffolk Libraries.

So, without further ado… Our new name is (drum roll please)… New Chapters!

And, here’s our fancy new logo…

We hope you like it.

This won’t change anything about the service we offer, if anything we hope that it will raise awareness of what we do and encourage more people to come forward.

If you are looking for mental health/ wellbeing advice, please feel free to contact us or ask in your local library.

Best wishes,