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All About... Suffolk User Forum

Written by · Published May 9, 2016

Hi there! Which organisation/project are you from?

Suffolk User Forum

Could you tell us a little bit about what you and your organisation/project do?

Suffolk User Forum (SUF) is a user-led charity based in Kesgrave, Ipswich. We are dedicated to speaking out for the mental health & wellbeing of service users in Suffolk. SUF covers the whole range of services from wellbeing to support; from GP led care and treatment through to voluntary and statutory sector services including in-patient care.

We are a team of four part-time staff all with lived experiences of mental ill health and we are committed to represent the voice of mental health and work with service providers in Suffolk.

Describe your work in three words

Service user voice

How can people access the help you offer?

SUF is the voice of the mental health service user and we would like to hear from anyone living in Suffolk that has received services. We can be contacted by phone 01473 633733 or email hello@suffolkuserforum.co.uk Facebook www.facebook.com/suffolkuserforum

Twitter: @sufmentalwealth

Website: www.suffolkuserforum.co.uk

If you could give one piece of advice to someone who might be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing, what would it be?

In your darkest hour allow yourself to look up and see the stars, trusting in the light and energy promised by the new dawn.

Talk to somebody about how you are feeling – a friend, family, GP or counsellor.

Tell us why you think libraries are important to people’s wellbeing

Libraries are a local source of information and provide an essential link to share information with communities.

What is your organisation most proud of achieving in the last 12 months?

SUF has represented service users in Suffolk and has been heard at all levels by service providers – we are proud that we are contributing to change to improve lives in Suffolk.

Tell us two things you do to look after your own mental health and wellbeing

Relaxation is essential to us and we enjoy crafting, baking and crochet.

We also like to spend time with friends and family

Send us a team selfie!

Suffolk User Forum team

If you could be a character in a book for one day, who would you be and why?

Bertie Wooster from Jeeves and Wooster – what a fun life he has!

What are you currently reading?

Nelson Mandela – Highway to Freedom

Who was your favourite author growing up and why?

Anthony Horowitz, he captured the imagination of young people.

Which book/ author would you recommend as a mood booster?

Louise Hay – author of You can heal your life

If you were going to live on a desert island and could only take three books with you, what would they be and why?

Tolstoy, War and Peace – having just watched the fabulous TV adaption this epic could actually be readable now!

Ray Mears, Survival Book – to stop the panic and know what it is possible to live without all the creature comforts left at home

Patrick Holford, Optimum Nutrition for the Mind – as what we eat and drink is all part of our mental wellbeing.