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Haverhill Library opening hours to change from April

Written by · Published Feb 26, 2018

Following a consultation with customers, Haverhill Library is changing its opening hours from the first week of April.

The total number of opening hours will stay the same but the library will open for three extra hours on Wednesday afternoon. It currently closes in the middle of the day. The extra hours are being gained by closing the library an hour earlier on Wednesdays and two hours earlier on Thursdays.

Over 260 people responded to the recent consultation, with nearly 92% saying the proposal would either be helpful or would not affect them.

The new opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday - 9am - 1pm (no change)
  • Tuesday - 9am - 7pm (no change)
  • Wednesday - 9am - 5pm (currently 9am - 1pm and 4pm - 6pm)
  • Thursday - 9am - 5pm (currently 9am - 7pm)
  • Friday - 9am - 5pm (no change)
  • Saturday - 9am - 4:30pm (no change)
  • Sunday - 10am - 4pm (no change)

The new hours have now been approved by the Suffolk Libraries Board and Suffolk County Council. The new opening hours will take effect on Wednesday 4 April.