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New Young Adult books for March 2017

Written by · Published Feb 28, 2017

Moondust, Following Ophelia, The White Hare

Moondust, by Gemma Fowler

“A miracle energy source, Lumite, has been discovered on the moon. Aggie is the violet-eyed poster girl for the mining company, persuaded to campaign for a hopeful new future. But a chance meeting with one of the prisoner-miners, the darkly attractive Danny, changes her mind about everything she knows about her world.”

A dystopian thriller with a love interest, and from a new writer - excellent!

The Ship Beyond Time, by Heidi Heilig

“On a warm December day in 1884 the Temptation was leaving Hawaii, as well as the 19th century, on the hunt for its next adventure. Now that her father has stopped chasing the past, Nix finally has the chance to figure out her future.

“When she comes across a fanciful French map detailing the fabled city of Ker-Ys, in the South Pacific, she is curious. Could she navigate to its mythical location? The city is a utopia and there, Nix finally meets her mother. But does this mean she can save her, or indeed, avoid her own fate? Just as she and Kash are becoming closer, Nix discovers that she’s destined to lose the man she loves the most. But can she steer their romance away from this danger?”

This time-travelling romantic adventure is a sequel to The Girl From Everywhere.

Hashtag Hermione: wipeout!, by Emma Moss

“Hermione’s parents are separating - and although they’re trying to deal with everything in the best way possible, it’s difficult for Hermione not knowing who she’ll end up living with, or where her home will be. At least she’s got the school skiing trip to France to look forward to for a break from all the stress of being at home!”

This is the third Girl Can Vlog title and if you’re a fan, you’ll be pleased to know that the fourth, Jazzy Jessie, is out in August.

Forever Geek, by Holly Smale

“Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is. Modelling isn’t a sure-fire route to popularity. Neither is making endless lists. The people you love don’t expect you to transform into someone else. Statistically you are more likely to not meet your Australian ex-boyfriend in Australia than bump into him there. So on the trip of a lifetime Down Under Harriet’s to-do lists are gone and it’s Nat’s time to shine!

“Yet with nearly-not-quite-boyfriend Jasper back home, Harriet’s completely unprepared to see supermodel ex Nick. Is the fashion world about to turn ugly for GEEK GIRL? It’s time for Harriet to face the future. Time to work out where her heart lies. To learn how to let go…”

Oh no, the cover says it’s the “epic series finale”. So this will be the ultimate story about Harriet Manners, the Geek Girl we’ve grown to love. Missing her already ☹.

Seven Days of You, by Cecilia Vinesse

“17-year-old Sophia Wachowski has one week left in Tokyo. This shouldn’t be a big deal; she’s spent her life ping-ponging around the globe, so she’s used to saying goodbye. But that doesn’t mean she likes it. In fact, it’s awful. Especially since her last 4 years at the Tokyo international school have been near-perfect. She’s got a wild best friend, a gorgeous boyfriend to crush on, and a vibrant, electric city on her doorstep.

“Sophia’s determined to enjoy every second of her last week in Japan - until Jamie Foster-Collins moves back to Tokyo and ruins everything. He left for boarding school in North Carolina 3 years ago, and as far as Sophia’s concerned, he should have stayed there.”

Optimists Die First, by Susin Nielsen

“Petula has avoided friendship and happiness ever since tragedy struck her family and took her beloved younger sister Maxine. Worse, Petula blames herself. If only she’d kept an eye on her sister, if only she’d sewn the button Maxine choked on better, if only.

“Now her anxiety is getting out of control, she is forced to attend the world’s most hopeless art therapy class. But one day, in walks the Bionic Man: a charming, amazingly tall newcomer called Jacob, who is also an amputee. Petula’s ready to freeze him out, just like she did with her former best friend, but when she’s paired with Jacob for a class project, there’s no denying they have brilliant ideas together - ideas like remaking Wuthering Heights with cats.

“But Petula and Jacob each have desperately painful secrets in their pasts - and when the truth comes out, there’s no way Petula is ready for it.”

A love story with a difference by a talented and creative writer.

Following Ophelia, by Sophia Bennett

“When Mary Adams sees Millais’ depiction of the tragic Ophelia, a whole new world opens up for her. Determined to find out more about the beautiful girl in the painting, she hears the story of Lizzie Siddal – a girl from a modest background, not unlike her own, who has found fame and fortune against the odds. Mary sets out to become a Pre-Raphaelite muse, too, and reinvents herself as Persephone Lavelle. But as she fights her way to become the new face of London’s glittering art scene, ‘Persephone’ ends up mingling with some of the city’s more nefarious types and is forced to make some impossible choices.

“Will Persephone be forced to betray those she loves, and even the person she once was, if she is to achieve her dreams?”

This is Sophia Bennett’s first work of historical fiction and the early reviews say it is wonderful.

The White Hare, by Michael Fishwick

“When Robbie’s mum died, everything changed. Suddenly upped and moved to Somerset to play happy families with his dad’s new girlfriend, Robbie can’t settle. He doesn’t want a new life, he wants his old one back. But then he sees the white hare.”

The Space Between, by Meg Grehan

“The story opens on New Year’s Day. Beth has a mental health issue: she is deeply anxious, terrified of the world and afraid even to leave the house. Her new year’s resolution is to take a year off and live all alone - with no contact with friends, family, colleagues, no phone calls or social media: the only person she will see is the delivery man who brings her groceries once a week.

“One spring morning, Beth gets a visit from a friendly dog. Soon he is followed by his owner, a young woman who has moved in across the street.”

Strange The Dreamer, by Laini Taylor

“This is the story of the aftermath of a war between gods and men, a mysterious city stripped of its name, a mythic hero with blood on his hands, a young librarian with a singular dream, a girl every bit as perilous as she is imperiled, alchemy and blood candy, nightmares and godspawn, moths and monsters, friendship and treachery, love and carnage.”

Laini Taylor fans have been eagerly awaiting this first of a two-book series, which has been described as “heart-stopping”.

Black Moon, by L. A. Weatherly

“In forgotten tunnels below New Manhattan, a secret network of rebels led by Amity Vancour are plotting to overturn Kay Pierce’s brutal regime. Ingo is by Amity’s side, while vital information comes from Collie, working undercover as Pierce’s right-hand man. Everything rests on one last plan of attack. If it fails, the fallout will be catastrophic.”

This third and final title in the Broken trilofy is action packed; a real thriller.

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