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The Polar Express

Written by · Published Dec 11, 2016

Every day until Christmas Eve, a member of Suffolk Libraries staff will reveal a book, CD or DVD they will be giving as a Christmas present, and why. Today, Alison Catchpole from Gainsborough Library recommends The Polar Express.

The Polar Express

I would definitely gift the DVD The Polar Express to anyone of any age who may be losing their Christmas Spirit.

The film is a fantastic look at how we see (or don’t see) Christmas joy as we get older. It’s full of mystery and intrigue and I believe it helps people to find some simple happiness in the recurring annual festival.

Its full of what you would expect - Santa, snow, presents and elves - but within it are also challenges, friendships and intrigue.

Polar Express is one of those films I watch to enjoy the festive season and it will certainly be going on in my house very soon!

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Alison Catchpole

I work at Gainsborough Library