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Written by · Published Dec 5, 2016

Every day until Christmas Eve, a member of Suffolk Libraries staff will reveal a book, CD or DVD they will be giving as a Christmas present, and why. Today, library and information advisor Nilima Banerji recommends Room.


I would give the DVD Room to friends in need of a bit of inspiration this Christmas. The film portrays the story of a young mother and her son kept in captivity for a number of years, their escape and the difficulties of adjusting to life in the great wide world again, especially after such a traumatic experience.

The subject matter is serious and thought-provoking, but ultimately this is a story about love and the strength of the human spirit in the face of terrible adversity. It features a wonderful performance by Brie Larson as the mother, which rightly earned her a BAFTA and a Golden Globe.

This film will make you think, it will make you cry, and above all it will make you grateful for loved ones, for freedom and for life itself.

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Nilima Banerji

I'm a library and information advisor.