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New non-fiction for November 2018

Written by · Published Oct 30, 2018


From model railways, dolls' houses and flea circuses to nations and continents and the trade routes that bring them together, this month's selection is all-encompassing.

New non-fiction for October 2018

Written by · Published Sep 28, 2018


Read about the remarkable lives and careers of Tina Turner, Wally Funk, Michael Caine, Shane Warne and more.

New non-fiction for August 2018

Written by · Published Jul 30, 2018


See historical photographs brought to life with digital techniques, find out how we can deal with the world's most urgent problems and read an up-to-the-minute analysis of modern football.

New non-fiction for July 2018

Written by · Published Jun 29, 2018


Try some new healthy recipes while reading about history, law, the paranormal and more.

New non-fiction for June 2018

Written by · Published May 30, 2018


This month's non-fiction picks cover mental health, the law, intelligence, art history, Russian history, film-making and cycling.

New non-fiction for May 2018

Written by · Published Apr 30, 2018


From nursing to policing, history to gardening and poetry to sport - this month's list has something for everyone.

New non-fiction for March 2018

Written by · Published Feb 28, 2018


New titles from Tom Bower, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mary Beard and more.