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New non–fiction for February 2014

Written by · Published Feb 5, 2014

Never mind the bullocks: one girl’s 10,000km adventure around India in the world’s cheapest car by Vanessa Able

Under one roof: how a tough old woman in a little old house changed my life by Barry Martin & Philip Lerman

The heart-warming true story of the bond between a feisty octogenarian and the man in charge of building a shopping mall on top of her home.

Edith Macefield achieved folk hero status in 2006 when she turned down $1 million to sell her home to make way for a commercial development in a small neighborhood of Seattle.

It didn’t matter that her tiny house was surrounded by rubble and graffiti. It was home. Barry Martin respected that, and when he took the job as construction supervisor for the shopping mall that was being erected around Edith’s little house, he determined to make things as easy as he could for her.

Never mind the bullocks: one girl’s 10,000km adventure around India in the world’s cheapest car by Vanessa Able

What does it take for one woman to drive 10,000km around India a land where bullock carts vie for space with SUVs on eight-lane super-highways, where GPS systems fail to give directions, and where a blessing from the gods is considered better road insurance than safer driving?

As Vanessa Able learnt, all it takes is a little bit of gumption, a whole lot of patience, and the world’s cheapest car the Tata Nano

Branson by Tom Bower

Richard Branson gets the Tom Bower treatment. This biography is described as “the full story of the Virgin man: his friendships, his ambitions, his drug-taking, law-breaking and steam-rolling tactics. It is a tale of greed, ambition and ruthless self-creation.”

60 postcards: the inspirational story of a young woman’s journey to celebrate her mother, one postcard at a time by Rachael Chadwick

The heartfelt and uplifting story of how a project to scatter 60 Postcards in memory of her mother helped a young girl come to terms with her loss.

Inside the Tudor court: Henry VIII and his six wives through the writings of the Spanish ambassador by Lauren MacKay

The reports and despatches of Eustace Chapuys, Spanish Ambassador to Henry VIII’s court from 1529 to 1545, have helped to shape our modern interpretations of Henry VIII and his wives.

In approaching the period through Chapuys’ letters, Lauren Mackay provides a fascinating perspective on Henry, his court and the Tudor period in general.

The owl who liked sitting on Caesar by Martin Windrow

When Martin Windrow met the tawny owlet that he christened Mumble, it was love at first sight.

Raising her from a fledgling, through adolescence and into her prime years, Windrow recorded every detail of their time living together – secretly – in a south London tower block, and later in a Sussex village.

This is the touching, intriguing and eccentric story of their 15 year relationship.

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