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New non-fiction for March 2020

Written by · Published Feb 27, 2020


Read about Victorian marriages, the history of stonemasonry or the world's cultural climate with our latest in adult non-fiction.

New non-fiction for February 2020

Written by · Published Jan 30, 2020


Read about the lives of paramedics, activist actors, prisoners and survivors, or enjoy the natural world with our latest titles.

New non-fiction for January 2020

Written by · Published Dec 30, 2019


Start a new food or fitness regime, find out how to live more sustainably or read about the Second World War with our newest titles.

New non-fiction for December 2019

Written by · Published Nov 27, 2019


Prepare for your new year's health kick or enjoy a fascinating trip to Kabul with our latest titles.

New non-fiction for November 2019

Written by · Published Oct 30, 2019


This month's selection includes a feast of fresh titles for fans of twentieth-century history.

New non-fiction for September 2019

Written by · Published Aug 28, 2019


Including heartrending, highly personal stories from Christopher Eccleston, Joanna Cannon and Joe Hammond.

New non-fiction for July 2019

Written by · Published Jun 27, 2019


This month's non-fiction selection includes nature and travel writing to take out into the garden.

New non-fiction for June 2019

Written by · Published May 30, 2019


This month, you can find out all about the Thames Estuary and the wonders of marshland without getting wet.