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New non-fiction for July 2019

Written by · Published Jun 27, 2019


This month's non-fiction selection includes nature and travel writing to take out into the garden.

New non-fiction for June 2019

Written by · Published May 30, 2019


This month, you can find out all about the Thames Estuary and the wonders of marshland without getting wet.

New non-fiction for May 2019

Written by · Published Apr 29, 2019


With titles about nature and interiors, this month's list has something for outdoor and indoor types alike.

New non-fiction for April 2019

Written by · Published Mar 28, 2019


Step into spring with titles on walking, gardening and cleaning among others.

New non-fiction for March 2019

Written by · Published Feb 28, 2019


Go back to the 50s with Charlotte Bingham and the 60s, 70s and 80s with Francis Rossi and David Hepworth.

New non-fiction for January 2019

Written by · Published Dec 28, 2018


Whether you're turning over a new leaf for the new year or looking for fascinating true stories, we've got you covered.

New non-fiction for December 2018

Written by · Published Nov 29, 2018


Looking forward to 2019? Plan how you're going to tackle your new year's resolutions with this month's non-fiction picks.

New non-fiction for November 2018

Written by · Published Oct 30, 2018


From model railways, dolls' houses and flea circuses to nations and continents and the trade routes that bring them together, this month's selection is all-encompassing.