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New music for January 2017

Written by · Published Jan 3, 2017

Leonard Cohen, The Flaming Lips

The xx - I See You

Four years after Coexist, The xx release their highly anticipated follow-up.

The Flaming Lips - Oczy Mlody

You never quite know what you are going to get with the Flaming Lips. Frontman Wayne Coyne has talked this album up as “Syd Barrett meets A$AP Rocky trapped in a fairy tale from the future.” OK…

For those who loved Flaming Lips for the anthemic tunes, you will find plenty to like on this one. Yes, it’s weird, but then that’s part of their appeal isn’t it?

Leonard Cohen - Upon A Smokey Evening: FM broadcast from the Beethovenville, Bonn, 3rd December 1979

Fitting tribute to the late great singer/songwriter. This 2 CD collection was recorded in 1979 and was a live performance supporting Recent Songs. Cohen’s backing singers on this recording include Jennifer Warnes. Features several of his classic songs.

Paul Simon - Complete Unplugged

Another 2 CD set. This is an unplugged performance from 1992 and contains several of his classics, from his earliest hits with Art Garfunkel through to his solo material.

Stevie Nicks - Transmission Impossible: legendary radio broadcasts from the 80s

3 CD box set which captures a selection of live radio broadcast recordings of Stevie in concert, made at various points of her sell-out tours of the 1980s - the period which, most fans would agree, witnessed the absolute pinnacle of her solo work.

Kicking off with the extraordinary show Nicks gave at LA’s Wilshire Ebell Theatre in December 1981 while promoting her debut solo record Bella Donna, the set continues with a marvelous gig performed at the famous Cuyahoga Fairgrounds venue in New York, mid-decade, while touring her Rock A Little album. On the third CD, Stevie’s concert from The Summit in Houston in 1989 is featured, recorded a few months after the release of The Other Side of the Mirror.

The Molochs - America’s Velvet Glory

Catchy indie rock which draws on classic bands from the 60s. There are echoes of The Stones and The Kinks here.

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