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New music for April 2017

Written by · Published Mar 29, 2017

Imelda May, Texas

Ray Davies - Americana

The Kinks legend returns with his first solo album since 2008’s Working Man’s Cafe. The album is based around Davies’ recent memoir, Americana: The Kinks, the road and the perfect riff. The new CD includes spoken-word portions from the book.

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

Ex-Fleet Fox Josh Tillman’s alter ego returns with a new album. His worldview may be bleak but he wraps the songs up in 1970s country pop and no lack of wit.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy

For anyone who grew up listening to the Mary Chain in the 80s as an antidote to the Thompson Twins, Duran Duran et al there is a worry that they will tarnish their place in our hearts by bringing out new music that does not measure up to their earlier output. Just because you can revisit the past, does it mean you should?

The answer based on Damage and Joy is that they probably should not have done. It is great to hear them again but this is no Psychocandy. That moment has been and gone and a generation of feedback obsessed imitators are probably doing it better now.

Glass Animals - How to be a Human Being

This is one that was missed off the new music for March list but it is one that you really ought to listen to. Life Itself is a huge anthem that you will listen to again and again. When you start listening to the other songs it is a surprise that they are so good. Glass Animals are the best band you have never heard of.

Imelda May - Life Love Flesh Blood

Imelda May has a new album and a new look since the divorce from her husband of eighteen years. The signature Rockabilly look has gone. Imelda takes us on a very personal tour on this album. In Imelda’s own words, “it’s therapy, like keeping a diary that a lot of people read. Some of my favourite songs don’t say much, but they reveal everything.”

Texas - Jump on Board

Ninth studio album from the popular Scottish band.

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