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Meet the Author: Suzette Hill

Written by · Published Jun 21, 2017


Suzette Hill tells us about starting a writing career in retirement, how she came to set her latest novels in Southwold and her passion for reading.

Meet the Author: Alice Feeney

Written by · Published Jun 6, 2017


Alice Feeney tells us how she wrote her debut novel Sometimes I Lie.

Meet the Author: Isabelle Grey

Written by · Published May 23, 2017


Isabelle Grey tells us about working with Jimmy McGovern, how she writes her crime novels, and why she thinks libraries are important.

Meet the Author: Beth Underdown

Written by · Published May 9, 2017


Beth Underdown tells us about writing The Witchfinder's Sister and shares some details about her next book.

Meet the Author: Sophie Hannah

Written by · Published Apr 25, 2017


Sophie Hannah shares her love for Agatha Christie and tells us about her next book.

Meet the Author: Joanna Cannon

Written by · Published Apr 11, 2017


Joanna Cannon tells us about writing The Trouble with Goats and Sheep early in the morning and during her lunch breaks while working as a psychiatrist.

Meet the Author: Keggie Carew

Written by · Published Apr 4, 2017


Keggie Carew tells us all about writing her Costa Biography Prize-winning book Dadland.

Meet the Author: Katarina Bivald

Written by · Published Mar 7, 2017


Swedish writer Katarina Bivald discusses how she loved reading and writing from a young age, and encourages Suffolk book groups to talk to her about her book, The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.