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Meet the Author: Felix Francis

Written by · Published May 7, 2019


Felix Francis discusses growing up in an exciting literary and thespian household, how he fell into continuing his father's fiction legacy, and why he's particularly looking forward to Slaughter in Southwold.

Meet the Author: Sophie Green

Written by · Published Apr 23, 2019


Author and Suffolk librarian Sophie Green tells us all about her first children's novel, Potkin and Stubbs.

Meet the Author: Michelle Paver

Written by · Published Apr 9, 2019


Michelle Paver tells us why she set her new novel in Suffolk, and what she loves about the county.

Meet the Author: Gytha Lodge

Written by · Published Mar 26, 2019


Gytha Lodge tells us about her first novel and her roundabout route to publication, and encourages budding writers to keep going.

Meet the Author: Diane Setterfield

Written by · Published Mar 12, 2019


Diane Setterfield tells us about the importance of books in her life and how her childhood reading influenced her novels, and has a rousing message for Suffolk Libraries borrowers.

Meet the Author: Gill Paul

Written by · Published Feb 26, 2019


Gill Paul describes her writing routine and intrigues us with details of her next book.

Meet the Author: Kate Ellis

Written by · Published Feb 12, 2019


Kate Ellis shares her passion for libraries and Golden Age crime fiction ahead of her appearance at this year's Slaughter in Southwold.

Meet the Author: Stacey Halls

Written by · Published Jan 29, 2019


Stacey Halls tells us about her debut novel, The Familiars, and the importance of libraries in her life.

Meet the Author: Tessa Hadley

Written by · Published Jan 15, 2019


Tessa Hadley tells us what we can expect from her new novel, how she fits writing around teaching, and about the importance of books and reading in her life.

Meet the Author: Robert Bryndza

Written by · Published Jan 1, 2019


Robert Bryndza tells us how The Girl in the Ice came about and what we can expect from his other books, and shares his love for Lowestoft Library.