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Meet the Author

Meet the Author: Scott Mariani

Written by · Published Sep 25, 2018


Scott Mariani tells us how he created his much-loved character Ben Hope and tells us about the hero's latest and forthcoming adventures.

Meet the Author: Laura Purcell

Written by · Published Sep 11, 2018


Laura Purcell tells us how she was inspired to write spine chiller The Silent Companions and what we can expect from her dark and wild new novel, The Corset.

Meet the Author: Kimberley Chambers

Written by · Published Aug 28, 2018


Kimberley Chambers tell us how she wrote her first novel while working as a mini-cab driver and how she first met her police contact.

Meet the Author: Harriet Evans

Written by · Published Aug 14, 2018


Harriet Evans tells us about her latest novel, The Wildflowers, and how she spends four days a week writing in a library.

Meet the Author: Jo Jakeman

Written by · Published Jul 31, 2018


Jo Jakeman tells us how Jane Eyre inspired her first novel, Sticks and Stones.

Meet the Author: Madeline Miller

Written by · Published Jul 17, 2018


Madeline Miller tells us how she fell in love with the Classics, what drew her to write about witch-goddess Circe, and how she finds her characters' voices.

Meet the Author: Lesley Thomson

Written by · Published Jul 3, 2018


Lesley Thomson explains what cleaners and detectives have in common, tells us about her next book and shares her impressive 'to read' list.

Meet the Author: Andy Weir

Written by · Published Jun 19, 2018


Andy Weir talks about his latest novel, Artemis, and tells us how sci-fi writers might attract new readers to the genre.

Meet the Author: Lawrence Block

Written by · Published Jun 5, 2018


Legendary American crime writer Lawrence Block explains how he made P.I. Matt Scudder such an enduring character and advises readers on where to start with his impressive back catalogue.

Meet the Author: Jess Kidd

Written by · Published May 22, 2018


Jess Kidd discusses Himself and The Hoarder and reveals some details about her next novel.