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Meet the Author: Sara Baume

Written by · Published Feb 7, 2017


Award-winning novelist Sara Baume discusses the influences of the authors she read as a teenager, her own experiences, and art on her writing

Meet the Author: Wendy Holden

Written by · Published Jan 27, 2017


To mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2017, we've interviewed Wendy Holden. Wendy is the author of Born Survivors, which tells the story of three remarkable women who, along with their babies, beat the odds to survive the Nazi camps.

Meet the Author: Nicci French

Written by · Published Jan 17, 2017


Husband-and-wife team Sean French and Nicci Gerrard, aka Nicci French, talk about their literary influences, writing practices, and the enjoyment they derive from meeting readers at Suffolk Libraries.

Meet the Author: Victoria Hislop

Written by · Published Jan 3, 2017


Victoria Hislop tells us how Beatrix Potter's work has inspired her, where her ideas come from, and why she thinks libraries are precious.

Meet the Author: Alan Bennett

Written by · Published Dec 20, 2016


Alan Bennett talks about his childhood love of Just William and his mother's exaltation of writers, and encourages readers to use their local libraries

Meet the Author: Peter Lovesey

Written by · Published Dec 6, 2016


Peter Lovesey explains how he discovered true crime at the age of 8 after his family's home was hit by a Doodlebug, how his crime-writing career began with winning a competition, and why you should submit stock suggestions to your local library service.

Meet the Author: Dame Hilary Mantel

Written by · Published Nov 22, 2016


Dame Hilary Mantel tells us why she chose to write about Thomas Cromwell, the advantages of writing short stories in the first person, and the importance of using, celebrating and promoting your local library.

Meet the Author: Lisa Hilton

Written by · Published Nov 8, 2016

Lisa Hilton discusses her admiration for John Donne and Evelyn Waugh, changing style with her psychological thriller Maestra, and her experience as a teenage library assistant.

Meet the Author: Deborah Moggach

Written by · Published Oct 31, 2016

Deborah discusses her childhood love for Just William, the pleasure of having her novel These Foolish Things adapted into The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and the challenge of adapting Pride and Prejudice for the big screen.