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Meet the Author: Sarah Long

Written by · Published Feb 18, 2020


Sarah Long talks about her new novel, A Year in the Château and why she loves to write in the library.

Meet the Author: Alison MacLeod

Written by · Published Feb 11, 2020


Alison MacLeod tells us how she came to write Unexploded and what we can expect from her next book, and shares her passion for libraries.

Meet the Author: Beth Morrey

Written by · Published Feb 4, 2020


Beth Morrey tells us about her debut novel, uplifting and life-affirming 'coming-of-old-age' story Saving Missy.

Meet the Author: Shirley Mann

Written by · Published Jan 28, 2020


Shirley Mann tells us about her debut novel, Lily's War, and becoming an author in her 60s after a successful career as a journalist and media and PR consultant.

Meet the Author: David Young

Written by · Published Jan 21, 2020


David Young tells us about his new novel, Stasi Winter, and how he came to write thrillers about a female detective in communist East Germany.

Meet the Author: B. A. Paris

Written by · Published Jan 14, 2020


B. A. Paris tells us about getting the writing bug at the age of 50, and thanks her Suffolk readers.

Meet the Author: Isabel Allende

Written by · Published Jan 7, 2020


Isabel Allende tells us how she came to publish her first novel at the age of 40, how her success as a writer transformed her life, and what we can expect from her latest book, A Long Petal of the Sea.

Meet the Author: Lucinda Riley

Written by · Published Dec 23, 2019


Lucinda Riley tells us where she got the idea for the Seven Sisters series and why she chose to set The Butterfly Room in Southwold, and relays a Christmas message to her many Suffolk readers.

Meet the Author: Ann Granger

Written by · Published Dec 17, 2019


Ann Granger tells us why she thinks crime novels are so popular and what she's working on at the moment, and wishes her Suffolk readers a happy Christmas.

Meet the Author: Alex Michaelides

Written by · Published Dec 10, 2019


Alex Michaelides talks about the influence of Agatha Christie and Greek myths on his writing, and lets us know what to expect from his next thriller.