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Meet the Author: Chris Whitaker

Written by · Published Mar 31, 2020


Chris Whitaker talks about his new novel, We Begin at the End and what inspired his new coming-of-age crime story.

Meet the Author: Kate Bradley

Written by · Published Mar 17, 2020


Kate Bradley tells us all about her thrilling debut novel, To Keep You Safe.

Meet the Author: Jessica Moor

Written by · Published Mar 10, 2020


Jessica Moor tells us all about her intense debut thriller, Keeper.

Meet the Author: Stella Tillyard

Written by · Published Mar 3, 2020


Stella Tillyard gives us some insider information about her books Aristocrats and The Great Level, and tells us how she moved from writing non-fiction to fiction.

Meet the Author: Christine Leunens

Written by · Published Feb 25, 2020


Christine Leunens tells us how she became a writer, and what it was like to have her book, Caging Skies adapted into the hugely successful film Jojo Rabbit.

Meet the Author: Sarah Long

Written by · Published Feb 18, 2020


Sarah Long talks about her new novel, A Year in the Château and why she loves to write in the library.

Meet the Author: Alison MacLeod

Written by · Published Feb 11, 2020


Alison MacLeod tells us how she came to write Unexploded and what we can expect from her next book, and shares her passion for libraries.

Meet the Author: Beth Morrey

Written by · Published Feb 4, 2020


Beth Morrey tells us about her debut novel, uplifting and life-affirming 'coming-of-old-age' story Saving Missy.

Meet the Author: Shirley Mann

Written by · Published Jan 28, 2020


Shirley Mann tells us about her debut novel, Lily's War, and becoming an author in her 60s after a successful career as a journalist and media and PR consultant.

Meet the Author: David Young

Written by · Published Jan 21, 2020


David Young tells us about his new novel, Stasi Winter, and how he came to write thrillers about a female detective in communist East Germany.