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Improve your health and happiness in 2018 with our latest titles

Written by · Published Dec 29, 2017

The Sugar Detox Plan, The Art of Discarding, Stress

Perfect Fit: the winning formula, by James Haskell

“In his guide to fitness and nutrition international rugby star James Haskell leads you seamlessly through every step of your journey towards a new body. This book is accessible to those who have yet to begin their fitness journey as well as those that already train regularly, providing new programmes and nutritional advice to help build a new physique.

“James’s ambition is to dispel the fog - to provide clarity, understanding and to motivate as well as inspire people to start to train properly and effectively.”

The Sugar Detox Plan: set yourself sugar-free in 12 weeks with this essential 3-step plan, by Kurt Mosetter, Wolfgang Simon, Thorsten Probost & Anna Cavelius

“Excessive consumption of sugar is thought to lead to a range of diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, cancer, depression and even neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis. The Sugar Detox Plan helps you identify hidden sugars and reduce consumption.”

Running for My Life: my 26.2 mile journey to health and happiness, by Rachel Cullen

“Suffering from bipolar disorder, and hungry for approval at any price, Rachel Cullen’s life was defined by failed relationships, an ill-fitting career and poor health to match.

“Stuck in an endless cycle of disappointment, and not knowing how to handle her mental illness, she put on a pair of old trainers. She’d never been able to think of herself as a ‘runner’, and the first time she forced herself out the door, she knew it would hurt. She just didn’t realise how much it would heal her, too.

Running for my Life will make you laugh, cry and question whether you really can outrun your demons.”

When to Jump: if the job you have isn’t the life you want, by Mike Lewis

As new year is a time when many people decide to change jobs:

“Do you have a little voice in your head telling you to pursue the thing you love? Leaving a comfortable job to pursue a passion is a brave, bold move - but it’s far from impossible.

“In this inspiring read, Mike Lewis has curated a community of people to share their stories about taking the leap into the unknown - people from all walks of life who left the safe inertia of their own circumstances to try and do what they really wanted to be doing. These are empowering, compelling tales about taking risks and embracing fear.”

The Art of Discarding: how to get rid of clutter and find joy, by Nagisa Tatsumi, translated by Angus Turvill

Start the new year with a satisfying clear-out:

“A combination of tiny homes and a love of stylish homeware has left Japanese people hungry for advice on organisation, decluttering and tidying up. Indeed, in this era of mass consumption, we are all drowning in ‘stuff’, despite our best efforts to keep on top of the clutter that collects in our homes, our office spaces and even our cars.

“Enter Nagisa Tatsumi and her bold suggestion - that it’s OK to throw stuff away. Tatsumi argues that we need to learn to let go, and tackles head-on the psychological issues that people have with getting rid of things, in particular a reluctance to discard things ‘just in case’, the desire to hoard things, and guilt about getting rid of things that were given as gifts.”

Mindfulness for Busy People: turning from frantic and frazzled into calm and composed, by Michael Sinclair, Josie Seydel & Emily Griffiths

An addition to our very popular mindfulness section:

“This volume will show you how to apply the transformative power of mindfulness to your busy life, helping you to de-stress, find your own unique space of calm and ready yourself for whatever challenges you face.”

Recharge: a year of self-care to focus on you, by Julie Montagu

Comprehensive self-care guide from the Grazia columnist:

“Recently named one of the top ten holistic health icons in the world, Julie Montagu knows a thing or two about health and happiness. In Recharge, she shares an abundance of guidance, tips and advice designed to help you keep self-care at the forefront of your mind and support you on your journey to a well-rounded sense of wellness.

Recharge is your month-by-month self-care bible to help replenish your mind, body and soul. Each month of the year covers a specific area of self-care including mindful eating, managing stress, digital detox, rebuilding self-esteem, finding your passions and more.”

Stress: the psychology of managing pressure, by Jonathan Horowitz & Dianne McIntosh (eds.)

“Learn how to handle stress in every area of life, from the workplace to relationships, and emerge happier, healthier, and more productive. Drawing on cutting-edge psychology, this work gives you the techniques you need to understand and deal with stress head-on, all explained through infographics, questionnaires and constructive advice.”

Remember This When You’re Sad, by Maggy Van Eijk

“At 27, Maggy had the worst mental experience of her life so far. She ended a three-year relationship, drank too much, went to A&E over 12 times, saw three therapists, went to two burns units for self-harm and was sent to a mental health crisis team in an ambulance - it was quite the year.

“This book is about anxiety, depression and Maggy’s experiences dealing with panic attacks. It is also about being a young woman with the added pressure of having an untrustworthy mind. Beautifully written, hilarious and heartbreaking, Maggy’s story will offer comfort and hope to millions of people.”

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