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9 more apps to add to your new tablet

Written by · Published Jan 31, 2017

An iPad, notebook and pen

Have you got used to the apps we recommended in our list of 10 apps to add to your new tablet? and want to know how to get even more out of your tablet? We’ve put together another list of handy apps you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

  1. BBC Weather - easy to use app that gives you up to date hourly weather information wherever you may be. It also offers the ability to search and save favourite locations - useful to check before you go out, just to make sure you have your scarf or sunglasses!

  2. National Rail Enquiries - this railway and partial underground app is very useful if you go on commutes with your tablet. By pressing a few buttons you’ll know when your train comes and how long the journey will be. There’s the added bonus of up to date information so you’ll also know if there have been any changes to your planned journey.

  3. The Calculator for iPad - while Android tablets come with a calculator app as standard, you’ll need to download one if you have an iPad. This simple, well-designed app features a built in currency converter, standard and scientific calculators as well as an equation overview and history.

  4. Dictionary.com - forgotten a spelling, come across an unfamiliar word, battling a tricky crossword, or looking for some synonyms to improve that novel you’re writing? The Dictionary.com app holds more than two million definitions, synonyms and antonyms. Not only is it useful and blessed with a really straightforward interface, but it also works offline.

  5. Google Maps for iPad/Google Maps for Android - what people need from a navigation app is accuracy and Google Maps is considered to be one of the best apps available. It’s an extremely handy app to have while travelling – you’ll never get lost again!

  6. Google Translate for iPad/Google Translate for Android - need a basic translator? Google Translate does a fantastic job in translating text and providing you with a reasonably accurate translation. The app also has some nifty features built in, such as real-time video translations.

  7. Paper for iPad - are you creative? This fun drawing app by FiftyThree may be perfect for you. You can use charcoal, watercolours, markers, and inkwell pens to create beautiful artwork. Use can also erase anything you have drawn, quickly and with ease. Using Android? Try Bamboo Paper.

  8. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles - this app includes a great selection of free puzzles to complete, which includes pictures of animals, nature, architecture and famous paintings. Each puzzle can be between 42 or 550 pieces depending on how easy or difficult you want it to be. You can also choose if the pieces rotate or not.

  9. MyFitnessPal for iPad/MyFitnessPal for Android - keep track of the calories you consume and expend by entering what you’ve eaten and what exercise you’ve done. Chances are the app will know the calorie count of any food or exercise you enter, as it has an extensive catalogue. Keep motivated by logging your progress over time.

Lisa Brennan

Lisa Brennan

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